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All the Fun Things

Storyarcs & other missions Storyarcs, Badge & Costume missions, Task Forces, Trials and other mission information.  
Badge Collecting Guide List of the CoH badges and where to find them.
Temp Powers Guide List of the Temporary Powers and where to get them.
Contact Guide Listing of what civilians that are willing to put themselves in harms way to help you do your job.  Guide shows level, origin, enhancements sold, significant missions & more for each one.
Archvillain & Monster Location Guide
Love to fight the big baddies?  This guide will help you get in touch with them!  Guide gives listings for archvillain's and monster's locations.
Zone Hunting Guide
If street hunting is your thing or you need to find a nice spot to complete a Defeat# mission then these hunting guides are just what your looking for.  Sorted by both... Alphabetical Order and Zone Mob Level.
Character Titles Perhaps the only time Origin matters!  Use this handy chart to plan ahead what Title you will choose to bestow upon your hero! 
Bind Command Reference  List of Commands available to be used in creating binds and a basic description of what each one means.
Store Locations 
Trying to find the store that sells DOs or SOs that you can use or want to know which store you should sell them for the best price?
Pedestrian Information Paragon City's pedestrians have information for you.  Use this chart to learn which ones will tell you what.
Pulling Guide Aggro and pulling techniques with examples from real players.

All about Enhancements

Enhancements FAQ Beginner's Guide to understanding what enhancements are, where to sell them for the best price, how to combine them, etc.
Overview of Enhancements Guide to understanding the numbers behind the enhancements.
Illustrated by comparing Accuracy vs Damage enhancements on metrics such as DPS (Damage per Second) and DPE (Damage per Endurance).
Compare 2 Enhancements Having trouble deciding between 2 enhancements?  Use this tool to compare Damage, Accuracy, Endurance Cost, and Recharge enhancements.  This tool considers the mob-level to help you slot your powers efficiently.
Endurance Regeneration Effects of enhancements on Stamina and Quick Recovery.
Hit Point Regeneration Effects of enhancements on Health and Fast Healing.
Enhancements Price Chart Enhancements listed by price multiplier (for when you run out of room but are to busy to go sell yet).

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