Enhancement Price List

-- by Delta371

One way to use this table would be to print it out and use it to determine which enhancement to throw away when you become full up on enhancements during a mission. If you throw out the lowest value enhancement when you get full, you can replace lower value enhancements with higher ones and be assured the greatest amount of influence when you come back to sell your enhancements.

If you want to know the prices of a specific enhancement at a specific level, consult this page.

Training Origin Enhancements

Enhancement Name Price Multiplier
Damage  100X
Healing  100X
Accuracy  96X + 96
Cone Range Increase  96X - 116
Endurance Reduction  93X
Recharge Reduction  93X
Range Increase  80X
Recovery Increase  80X
Taunt Duration  76X
Accuracy De-Buff  73X
Defense De-Buff  73X
Disorient Duration  73X
Immobilization Duration  73X
Slow  73X
Defense Buff  70X
Hold Duration  66X
Run Speed Increase  66X
Sleep Duration  66X
Flight Speed  63X
Activation Acceleration  60X
Confusion Duration  56X
To-Hit Buff  50X
Fear Duration  46X
Jumping  40X
Intangibility  35X
Knock-back Distance  33X
Endurance Drain  23X

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