Store Location Maps

Atlas Park and Galaxy City
Level Range: 5-15

Type Location
Training Super Powered Field Trainers

Skyway City and Steel Canyon
Level Range: 15-20

Type Location Alternates (DOs)
Magic Pandora's Box Subgenetics, Image Inc.
Mutant SubGenetics Pandora's Box, Orion Labs
Training Freedom Corps
Technology Cooke's Electronics Orion Labs, Image Inc.
Natural Image Inc. Pandora's Box, Cooke's Electronics
Science Orion Labs Subgenetics, Cooke's Electronics

Independence Port and Talos Island
Level Range: 25-30

Type Location Alternates (DOs)
Magic Tabitha Fabish BiotechniX, Future Dynamics
Mutation BiotechniX Tabitha Fabish, Deimos Innovations
Training Freedom Corps
Technology Exarch Industries Future Dynamics, Deimos Innovations
Natural Future Dynamics Exarch Industries, Tabitha Fabish
Science Deimos Innovations BiotechniX, Exarch Industries

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