Achievement Badges



  One of your question mark progression bars will be this badge.
Badge Requirements Description Image
Tourist Collect 10 Badges You have earned 10 badges. You are officially a tourist in Paragon City.
Collector Collect 25 Badges You have collected 25 badges.
Explorer Collect 50 Badges Your diligence has earned you 50 badges.
Pathfinder Collect 100 Badges Your eye for exploration and achievement is recognized.  You have earned 100 badges.


Badge Requirements Description Image
Tough Take 100,000 hp damage You have endured one hundred thousand points of damage and are still dauntless in your pursuit of justice.
Indestructible Take 500,000 hp damage Over the course of your career, you have taken five hundred thousand points of damage.
Adamant Take 1,000,000 hp damage You have endured one million points of damage.
Unbreakable Take 10,000,000 hp of damage You are truly unbreakable. You have survived ten million points of damage.


Badge Requirements Description Image
The Unwavering Payoff 100,000 debt Though you have been defeated you continue to fight for Paragon City.
The Unyielding Payoff ? debt Continued defeat means nothing to you.
The Unbroken Spirit Payoff ? debt Your spirit cannot be shattered. Though you have often been defeated, you continue to fight the good fight.


Badge Requirements Description Image
Medic Cumulatively heal 250,000 damage You have helped your fellow heroes by healing them for two hundred and fifty thousand hit points.
Surgeon Cumulatively heal 1,000,000 damage You have helped your fellow heroes by healing them for one million hit points.
Doctor Cumulatively heal 2,000,000 damage You have helped your fellow heroes by healing them for two million hit points.



  One of your question mark progression bars will be this badge.
Badge Requirements Description Image
Restrained Cumulative 30mins of being held/slept/stunned/mezzed You have been under the influence of restraining powers such as sleeps and holds for an inordinate amount of time.
Entangled Cumulative 60mins of being held/slept/stunned/mezzed You continue to show aptitude at missing all the action.
Imprisoned Cumulative 300mins of being held/slept/stunned/mezzed Your skill at being held immobile and not being able to do anything is unmatched.



  There is no progress bar for these.  This is how much influence you have earned from defeating villains only.
Badge Requirements Description Image
Celebrity Earn 1,000,000 influence Talk shows are calling you all the time.
Sensation Earn 5,000,000 influence Dinner at the White house is passe for you now.
Superstar Earn 10,000,000 influence The citizens of Paragon City have begun a petition to make a statue in your name.


Badge Requirements Description Image
Protector of Innocents Get Level 10 Statesman has awarded you this badge for achieving Security Level 10.
Keeper of Peace Get Level 20 Statesman has awarded you this badge for achieving Security Level 20.
Defender of Truth Get Level 30 Statesman has awarded you this badge for achieving Security Level 30.
Justice Incarnate Get Level 40 Statesman has awarded you this badge for achieving Security Level 40.
Hero of the City Get Level 50 Statesman has awarded you this badge for achieving Security Level 50.



 There is no progress bar for the first badge but, there is for the second and third. These badge can essentially be gained by going AFK near your sidekick.

Badge Requirements Description Image
Advisor Roughly 8 hours cumulative as a mentor You have been awarded  this badge for your time spend tutoring others.
Guide Roughly 48 hours cumulative as a mentor Your continued mentoring has earned you this badge.
Paragon Roughly 144? hours cumulative as a mentor The time spent as a mentor has earned you the right to call yourself paragon.



There are rumors that you need to be in some specific range of the defeats to get credit... this is not true & is just a myth.  You only need be in the same zone.
Badge Requirements Villain Faction Description Image
Banisher Defeat 200 mask spirits Banished Pantheon You are a banisher of evil spirits. The Banished Pantheon fears your very name.  (All of the four mask spirit types count. Totems do NOT count.)
Keeper of Secrets Defeat Adamastor Banished Pantheon You have defeated the demon Adamastor, bought forth by the Banished Pantheon to destroy the world.     
(Only the Dark Astoria version of this monster awards the badge. )
Illusionist Defeat between 200-300 Illusions Carnival of Shadows You have learned enough from fighting the illusionists of the carnival of shadows to know the real from the fake. (Awarded for defeating Illusions summoned by Master Illusionists)
Demon Slayer Defeat Baphomet Circle of Thorns You have defeated Baphomet, an evil spirit summoned by the upper echelon of the Circle of Thorns to destroy Paragon City.  (Baphomet is an archvillain a portal missions & also found in Faathim the Kind's taskforce.)
Soul Binder Defeat 200 mages  Circle of Thorns You have uncovered the secret of the Circle of Thorns mages, that they are ancient spirits who inhabit the stolen bodies of their victims.  (Any mage type works.)
Clockstopper Defeat Babbage  Clockwork You have defeated Babbage, one of the greatest works of the Clockwork King.  (Monster found in Synapse's Taskforce and spawns in Boomtown.)
Gearsmasher Defeat 100 Gears  Clockwork You have learned that the smallest gear can power the greatest menace, and have taken steps to stop the Clockwork menace.
Isolator Defeat 100 Contaminated Contaminated You began your career on a high note, by personally ending the riots of contaminated thugs in the Outbreak Zone.   (There is no progress bar for this badge.)
Infiltrator Defeat 100 Paragon Protectors  Crey You have learned that the Paragon Protectors are an arm of Crey, and not simply an independent group hired by them.
Protectorate Defeat 500 Devouring Earth eminators Devouring Earth You have shown that you can protect the world from the energy sapping eminators used by the Devouring Earth. (Eminators are non-movable AOE underlings like Tree of Life, Fungi, etc.)
The Solution Defeat Jurassik Devouring Earth You have bested Jurassik, the personification of the ideals of the Devouring Earth. The world sleeps safer at night due to your actions.  (Monster found at the end of Numina's taskforce.)
Untouchable Defeat 100 Consiglieri and/or Underbosses The Family You have shown that no matter the bribe or threat, you will stand before organized criminals and take them on.
The Silver Bullet Defeat 200 wolves 5th Column The Warwolves have a nickname for you: The Silver Bullet. (All 5th Column wolf types will work to complete this badge.)
The Slayer Defeat 100 vampyri  5th Column You are a slayer of the darkest of Vampyri.  (All 5th Column vampyri types will work to complete this badge.)
Tank Buster Defeat 100 Tankers Freakshow You have proved your worth on the streets, and the Freakshow have learned to fear your name.
Hellspawned Defeat 50 Damned Hellions You've whupped those Hellions but good.
Unleasher Defeat Kraken Hydra The Kraken was unleash, but your might has put it down for another day. (Kraken is a monster that spawns in Perez Park.)
Finder Defeat 100 Lost bosses The Lost You are beginning to uncover the mystery that is the Lost.
Master of Olympus Defeat Juggernaught Red Kronos Malta You have destroyed the Kronos Titan, showing Malta that the Heroes of Paragon City defend their turf.
Monkeywrencher Defeat 50 Zeus Class Titans Malta You have crushed Malta's Zeus Titans, the combination of two damaged Hercules Titan robots.
Unveiler Defeat 100 Fake Nemesis Nemesis You have shown great endurance in tackling the fake Nemesis robots time and time again, in your search for the real Nemesis.
Weatherman Defeat 100 Outcast bosses Outcasts You have calmed the storm by ridding the streets of the Outcasts' leaders. (Outcast bosses will have the word "Lead" in their name.)
Dimensional Warder Defeat each Preatorian archvillain 
(excluding Tyrant)
Praetorians You have made yourself legend by defeating the Praetorians, an evil version of the Freedom Phalanx from an alternate dimension. (This include Anti-MatterLeader, Battle Maiden, Black Swan, Bobcat, Chimera, Diabolique, Dominatrix, Infernal, Malaise, Marauder, Mother Mayhem, Neuron, Nightstar, Shadowhunter, & Siege)
Stateman's Pal Defeat Tyrant Praetorians You have defeated Tyrant, the evil version of Statesman from the Praetorian Earth.
Warden Defeat 500 Prisoners Prisoners You have made the Ziggurat a safer place by putting the escaped convicts back on the inside, where they belong.
Zookeeper Defeat 10,000 Rikti Monkeys Rikti You have earned the title Zookeeper by defeating the hordes of Ruin Monkeys that plague Paragon City.
Bonecrusher Defeat 50 Bone Daddies Skulls You're all about knocking heads and beating Skulls.
Privateer Defeat 100 Sky Skiffs Sky Raiders You have put a huge dent into the pocketbooks of the Sky Raiders by destroying their most expensive equipment, the Sky Skiffs.  (Sky Skiffs can be found in Striga Island & Terra Volta)
Regenerator Defeat 100 Ogres and/or Calibans Trolls You have shown tenaciousness in taking down the leadership of the Trolls... over and over again.
Tracer Defeat 100 Sorcerers Tsoo You have proven yourself a person who can track down anyone, even those with the ability to teleport.
Gravedigger Defeat 100 Embalmed Vahzilok You have learned to put the Embalmed Cadavers in their place-- 6 feet under the ground.  (Both Cadavers and Abominations count...  just have to be Embalmed.)
Legionnaire Defeat (100?) Warrior bosses Warriors You have shown the leaders of the Warriors who the real combatant is.  (Warrior bosses will have the word "Elite" in their name.)
?? NOTE: Image found with badges and has similar file name as the other "Defeat Villain" badges.   ?? ?? Any additional info on this would be great!  I have been given thoughts from others that it could be for the Knives of Artemis later on. 


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