Badge Collecting Guide


  Badges are small perks gained by doing various things in the game; from completing taskforces to simply flying to the top of city hall.  Most badges have no barring on your abilities in game but, a few high-end ones grant extra powers, END, and HP.  Badges are fun to collect nonetheless because the title of each badge can be displayed under your heroes name while running around.  The badges (and how to obtain them) are broken down into the 5 major categories as follows...

Exploration Want to explore Paragon but, just haven't the reason? Now you can collect badges while seeing the sights.
History Hit the books and learn your super hero history with History Badges.  Find all the plagues in each set and soon you will be a master of all the background stories.
Accomplishments Now accomplishing taskforces, trials, and the more mundane contact missions will award you badges.
Achievements Ever wanted to show off how many Clockwork you've put behind bars?  Villain defeats, debt collected, hitpoints healed, and more are now measured.  When the set amount is achieved you gain a badge.
Accolades This are the badges that have a direct effect on your characters powers, endurance, and hit-points.  Accolades are awarded for collecting themed sets of badges from the other four areas & also for doing the Terra Volta Respec.
Special Event This area is for newly added badges that will come in events. Such as the recent Halloween badges! I look forward to more events that will bring badges with them.
Update3 Badges This section holds the upcoming Update3:"A Counsel of War" badges! Info here will be a bit speculatory at first.

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