These badges are gained by going to a door and clicking on it... sometimes you'll get a treat (random inspiration), a rock (temp-power), or a trick (Halloween mobs will jump out!).  By defeating those mobs you will work your way to getting these Halloween badges!
NOTE: You must be in a zone that normally spawn mobs your level for the trick or treating doors to work!
KS COURTESY NOTE: You don't have to travel to new doors... your hero is on a 1 minute timer and you can camp the same door!
Badge Requirements Description Image
Buster Defeat 20 "Halloween spirits" You have defeated 20 ghosts, spirits who have not rested since their original death.
Dead Head Defeat 50 "Halloween zombies" You have defeated 50 zombies, the walking flesh of the recently dead.
Hallow Spirit Defeat Eochai You have helped defeat a manifestation of Eochai, king of the Fir Bolg.  (An Eochai is a pumpkinhead monster that spawn frequently in the zones. Your group must be the first to dmg him to get the badge.)
Hunter Defeat 20 "Halloween vampires" You have defeated 20 of the nefarious Vampires who rose from their graves on Halloween.
Malleus Defeat 75 "Halloween witches" You have defeated 75 witches, sorcerous crones who use dark magicks.
Shifter Defeat 15 "Halloween werewolves" You have defeated 15 werewolves, supernatural creatures created through the disease of lycanthropy.


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