Exploration Badges

These badges are gained by going to a specific location within a zone... nothing more & nothing less.  To view your coordinates type in /loc  -- I have some plotted maps up for the zones but, not ALL.  Some of the maps right now are cut down in size to where the badges are within the zones and don't contain zone exits, hospital, tram and other markers yet.  To say the least I am not totally happy with these but, they are better than nothing for the time being. ;)  I will be redoing them sometime.


Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Head of the Hydra Under where The Hydra sits 0, -695, 15 The Hydra threatens Paragon City from the bowels of the sewer system.


ATLAS PARK   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Freedom USA flag on top of City Hall 130, 120, -640 This flag was crafted from Statesman's cape and was donated to Paragon City to replace the flag destroyed by invading Rikti. It now flies over Paragon City Hall to honor the sacrifice made by Hero 1 and the rest of Omega Team.
2 Hero Corps Insider Next to Peter Wong, outside the Paragon City Hall 280, 15, -885 Hero Corps maybe controversial in their methods but they can have good information for aspiring heroes.
3 Patriot In front of Supergroup Registration Desk in City Hall 150, -770, -675 You have seen the statue of Cassiopeia, a heroine recognized as a citizen of every country on Earth after she single-handedly saved the world from a rogue comet.
4 Silent Sentinel 203 yds NE from the hospital on the north face of the building -610, 70, -1890 In the 1950's the hero called 'Gargoyle' would stand watch over the city from this spot.
5 Top Dog On top of Atlas' globe 135, 315, -340 The top of Atlas' statue is the first place many flying heroes will go.
6 Undefeated Billboard near Steel Canyon exit 630, 85, -2325 Here is where Sirrocco stood against, and fell to, the Rikti invaders.



Plot Badge Location Level Range Description
1 Shrouded Complete mission 45 - 50 This other world has been overshadowed by corrupting magic.


BOOMTOWN   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Destined for Valhalla 530 yds E of Powderkeg marker, on top of the meeting point where one building leans on another -4100, 350, 2475 Valkyrie proved herself to Positron by battling the Clockwork King on this spot. Although she did not succeed in defeating him, he was severely damaged and Clockwork activity came to a halt for several weeks afterwards.
2 Phalanxer 230yds NE of SteelCanyon exit by a steampipe at NE corner of building -2000, -15, 5180 Before Baumton had it's accident, the Freedom Phalanx called this building home.
3 Regal 680yds W from the Powder Keg marker, inside the tunnel, in the center divider -450, 45, 2170 King Mihenra, a self-proclaimed warlord from the Netherworld, attempted to seize control of Paragon City, only to be defeated by Positron on this very spot.
4 Vision of Despair 470yds E of Grenadier Village dot in a pit -755, 0, -595 An unnatural feeling of dread permeates the area in what is now called the Pit of Despair.


BRICKTOWN   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Inmate Front door of Ziggurat -1725, 25, 1150 Zigursky Penitentiary is where all criminals, both mundane and super-powered, end up.
2 Mystic 330yds E of Crey's Folly exit on Circular Grated Catwalk -590, 30, 1380 This nexus is the intersection of two very minor Ley Lines, almost imperceptible to those without Second Sight.


CREY'S FOLLY   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Burning the Midnight Oil On catwalk W side of 3rd tanker from the S, 180yds NW of Crey Factories dot 845, 25, 1800 The United States once held their oil reserves in Paragon City, until the reserves became an attractive target for villains trying to make names for themselves.
2 Crey Watcher 230yds W of Crey Factories dot then travel the S side of sewage ditch next to you  1080, 0, 2320 Crey's defensive measures against the Rikti brought about an environmental nightmare in this area, turning the neighborhood once called 'Venice' into 'Crey's Folly.'


DARK ASTORIA   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Cairn Warder NE corner of DA, NE tip inside Big Rock Formation 1025, 50, 215 This cairn was once the location of a rift to the Netherworld, but has since been closed
2 Dark Mystic 310yds north of the Didos View marker on top of the cinema 1675, 5, 2835 Some claim the reason the spirits walk the streets of Dark Astoria is the fact that there is a powerful Ley Line nexus in the middle of Moth Cemetary.
3 Seeker of the Unknown 175 yards W of Moth Cemetery marker, drop into the trench and go inside the middle of the crypt 1870, -80, 1355 This tomb is used to represent the thousands of heroes who gave their lives in the Rikti War.


EDEN   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Crey Fish Behind Crey sign 25ft E of Utopia Complex dot -1795, 0, 4550 Surprisingly it was the Devouring Earth, not Crey, that caused Woodvale to become the overrun Eden.
2 Unspoiled Base of waterfall 105yds S of Cascades dot 2480, 35, 2350
The beauty that is Eden Falls came at a terrible price.


FAULTLINE   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Apex Top of parking garage near Subduction dot in Faultline 275, 55, -2260 Apex tracked Dr. Vahzilok down to this location, but interference from the Circle of Thorns prevented him from capturing the mad scientist.
2 Faultless Mystic Follow crevice N from Precipice dot and take first E. -845, -405, -715 Ley Lines are powerful forces of mystical energy that crisscross the planet. Paragon City's proximity to Ley Line crossings makes it a prime location for magical villain supergroups.
3 Newsman In front of building in SW corner of Faultline 1125, -25, 1295 The Theodore Knight building was home to many Super Groups in the years before the Rikti War.
4 Undammed In water reservoir at base of dam at far S of zone 75, -900, 1685 Funding has recently been exhausted in the effort to rebuild the Paragon City dam.


FOUNDERS FALLS   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Chaotician Middle of W most Tunnel 90yds SE of Gaspee Marker 815, -20, 2400 Professor Xaos brought Paragon City to its knees shortly after the Rikti War with his Mandelbrot Device. Synapse and Positron were able to work together for once and saved the city.
2 Foggy 106yds S of the Gaspee dot, beside a fountain 970, 0, 2620 This building is in the final stages of preparing suites for the use of the city's Super Groups.


GALAXY CITY   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Bird Watcher 87yds SE of Orion Beltway dot on 2nd story ledge -1100, 50, -2260 The Invisible Falcon disappeared without a trace in the mid 90's
2 Blue Shield 80yds E of Orion Beltway dot behind "They Are Among Us" billboard -1170, 39, -2470 Blue Shield, the only hero in Paragon City who works directly for the police, arrested the Tsoo's leader Tub Ci on this spot. The charges didn't stick, and Tub Ci is free today.
3 Brawler Top of Mighty Mart 475yds NW of Perez exit -1180, 65, -935 Back Alley Brawler fought against two Underbosses from the Family, Slow Eye Lou and Hyper Mike, on this spot.
4 Land Locked At water gate in SE corner -2040, -45, 1000 This lock holds back the waters of Eastgate bay, and has been the target of many super criminals bent on flooding Galaxy City.
5 Tank In hand of Tank stature -1180, 75, -585 M1, a hero from World War I, is honored today with a statue in Galaxy City.



Plot Badge Location Level Range Description
1 Multidimensional Complete mission 40 - 45 The Hydra that lives under Paragon City is rumored to be a refugee from this dimension.


INDEPENDENCE PORT   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Crey Havoc E of the Terra Volta exit in buildings ruins on outside edges -440, 20, -270 Crey had a facility in Independence Port for several years, but an industrial accident has permanently closed it.
2 Valorous Top of Southern arch of Valor Bridge 945, 610, -1150 The titanic hero Atlas fell at Valor Bridge protecting the city from invasion.
3 Vigorous 665 yds S of Crey's Cove marker, near a green air-ventilation unit on top of a warehouse  -1615, 80, -1870 Sister Psyche's greatest nemesis was the insane Malaise. When she finally apprehended him, she found a confused soul in search of release. Using her mental powers, she switched Malaise's dual personalities, bringing the benevolent one to dominance. Then she took him under her wing for observation.


KINGS ROW   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Keen Sighted 300 yds N of the Sewer entrance, top of powerline tower next to monorail tracks -2175, 95, 1140 Manticore, one of the Surviving Eight, was first sighted at this location after keeping to the shadows for months.
2 Mystic King On rooftop 250 yds SW from Gish dot -375, 70, 245 Ley Lines are powerful forces of mystical energy that crisscross the planet. Where they meet is called a nexus, and all magic is stronger for miles around.
3 Smokey NE corner of Royal Refinery, next to the middle smokestack -3045, -40, -1355 King Garment Works dominated the Kings Row economy for years. These smoke stacks were part of their manufacturing facility.
4 Summoned Straight S & slightly E from Blue Steel, against the inner side of the road at edge of map -940, -40, 2975 Statesman broke up a ritual by the Circle of Thorns members that would have bolstered their ranks exponentially.
5 Upgraded Roof helipad 400 yrd SW of Gish dot -495, 100, 770 Kord Technologies makes its home in this building, and Tony Kord frequently uses his personal helicopter to commute to work.


PEREGRINE ISLAND   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Portal Parter On island with a utility tower 835yds SW of ferry 3045, 0, 1290 This R&D facility suffered one too many accidents and has since fallen into ruin.


PEREZ PARK   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Around the Bendis Boathouse on S end of Everett Lake -875, -30, 3660 This old boathouse used to be a popular spot in Perez Park, but since the gangs moved in it has been abandoned.
2 Avatar Near a statue in Perez Park (use plotted map for best results)
-1535, -30, 3175 Avatar, a hero in Paragon City in the late 1950's, had a statue erected for him after his death. The gangs have not been kind to this memorial.
3 Territorial On top of a small bridge, slightly E of center of zone -2015, -55, 1585 The territory around this bridge has been hotly contested turf between the Skulls and Hellions for some time now.
4 Doc Whedon On the dock near the wooden building in Lake Everett -2085, -30, 2855 This old dock used to be the most popular make-out spot in paragon City. Today, however, it is more a place of violence than of life.
5 Justice Avenger Fountain in SW corner of zone -1035, 0, 3975 This fountain was a gift to the city, donated by the billionaire playboy Justin Sinclair.


RIKTI CRASH SITE    (plotted map coming)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Ace 636 yds W of entrance, giant statue that's in sniper blast position, on extended hand 1360, 295, -275 This statue honors Corsair, a valiant hero who fought during WWII.


SKYWAY CITY   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Dauntless E wall of Land of the Lost, near brick garden -705, 0, -1075 Dauntless was Galaxy Girl's sidekick until he died in battle, defending his mentor with his last breath.
2 Healing Node SW Land of the Lost by a pillar 1580, -85, -675 The MedCom is a teleportation network that can send fallen heroes directly to the hospital for treatment. This node is the center of the network; the other nodes are on the outskirts of the city.
3 Purifier Basketball court in NE -1085, -15, -7610 Defiler, an evil spirit brought forth by the Devouring Earth, was defeated on this spot by Ms. Liberty... with a little help from MAGI.
4 Solace 300 yds NE of Kings Row exit off N side of highway by a white van 2260, -85, -3365 This was the location of Dr. Anguish's secret lab, uncovered by the Freedom Phalanx when he threatened to blow up Paragon City with a black market Soviet nuke.


STEEL CANYON   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Bright Star On a rooftop W of Subgentics -2985, -35, 1820 The first Luminary used her light-based powers to disrupt the formation of a large portal to the Rikti homeworld on this spot.
2 Hero Corps Recruit With a Hero Corps contact on SE corner of hospital -1760, 15, 1365 Hero Corps is not only a Corps of people, but also a Corporation, selling their super-powered services to those willing to foot the bill.
3 Nimble Mynx On roof of first building about 150yds W of Boomtown exit -2425, 50, -3405 This spot is where Synapse first found Mynx and began training her.
4 Secret Admirer Base of light pole in front of apartment building 370yrds WSW of Yellow Line -3440, 0, 2535 War Witch shares this apartment with her roommate Apex. The duo fights crime on a daily basis-- when they are not arguing, that is.


TALOS ISLAND   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Minotaur On center of base of Talos statue (between feet)
1700, 15, 7700 While wrestling with the Chimera in the waters of the bay, Talos tore a rift in the ocean floor. Although the hero never rose from the waters, the island that formed was named in his honor.
2 Nature Lover .53mi S of Skyway City exit, E side of large rock, few ft N of grass mound 2670, 125, 9115 Mechanus was one of Woodsman's greatest enemies. It was on this spot that the champion of nature defeated the artificially intelligent robot for the final time.
3 Whitecap Top of tanker ship's cabin 640yds E of Ithaca Isle marker -5610, 80, 1855 The cargo ship, Alba Varden, tends to be a hotbed of criminal activity.


TERRA VOLTA   (plotted map)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Conjunction Junction Head W to the culvert at NW corner of Cormon Manufacturing 2220, 0, -7100 This junction was the first target of the Freakshow when they started their campaign of mayhem. Statesman and the rest of the Freedom Phalanx were able to stop their plan before it could be fulfilled.
2 Meltdown Straight S from exit, on top main reactor exhaust 1120, 720, -3080 Covert Rikti strike teams have attempted to destroy the Terra Volta reactor on more than one occasion.
3 Nervous Dreck Go to N edge of Gordon Trench, head all the way to the W wall
4455, 0, -6120 Dreck, the leader of the Freakshow, was brought to justice on this spot by Statesman. His time in jail was short, however, as he broke out just two weeks later.


THE HIVE   (plotted map coming)

Plot Badge Location Coordinates Description
1 Heart of the Hamidon Go into the middle of Hamidon (center of the zone)
15, -340, -2170 The Hamidon has defeated many heroes.
2 Time Bandit 400 yds SE of the NW corner, the beginning of the road heading N into the rundown structures 1740, 0, -3825 Portal Corporation had their main facility here until the Devouring Earth destroyed the area. This forced them to move their headquarters to Peregrine Island.

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