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Badge Requirements ZONE (Coordinates) Location Description
Academic Locate 3 Nemesis Seizes Control plaques
  • PEREGRINE ISLAND (-1900, 0, -7230) 160 yds NW of the Cutlass Isle dot facing W behind a pillar
  • RIKTI CRASH SITE (2010, 125, -7050) Put a thumbtack in the center of the rikti ship on the map (the pale blue dot). It's 560 yds NE of that. It's on a piece of ground sloping steeply up to the W, on the NW corner of a broken building.
  • ABANDONED SEWERS (465, -575, -1560)   Enter the Sewer Network from Boomtown. Turn W and enter the metal door. Head E towards the Steel Canyon Sector. The plaque is located on a wall at a junction point connecting the Boomtown, Steel Canyon and Underworld sectors. On the wall in this junction point room there will be an overhead arch that says "Drainage Arm 8 Steel Canyon", letting you know that you are soon to enter the Steel Canyon sector of the sewers. Below this sign and to the left is the plaque. There is only one path from the Boomtown Sector to the Steel Canyon Sector, so if you can navigate between the sectors you should be able to find it.  NOTE: These are the higher level sewers only reachable after level 36.  They can be reached by going to the door on the right after entering ANY of the Sewer Network entrances.
You have learned the history of the successful takeover of Washington, D.C. by Nemesis.
Authority Locate 5 Freedom Phalanx plaques
  • INDEPENDENCE PORT (905, 100, -4180) 180 yds S of Valor Bridge dot. On the E side of bridge.
  • INDEPENDENCE PORT (-1035, 30, -2445) 430 yds W of the Kings Row exit, near the water on a raised overpass.
  • TALOS ISLAND (1777, 20, 7845) By the statue of Talos, behind his left foot.
  • DARK ASTORIA (3410, 42, 3035) 180 yards SE of Toffet Terrace dot, to the left of the bottom of a short stairwell. Plague faces E.
  • TERRA VOLTA (350, 190, -3600) Go 300 yards E of Terra Volta Reactor, you'll be at a ledge, go to the NE corner and drop, it is at the base of the ledge facing E.
You have learned the history of the Freedom Phalanx.
Disciple Locate 7 Hero Corp plaques
  • STEEL CANYON (-4025, -80, -280) In grass next to Wyatt Anderson (contact) or 420 yards N/NW of Bronze Way dot in grass in front of a large building.
  • SKYWAY CITY (735, -125, -3745) 440 yards south of the tram in plain sight on a road beneath the highway.
  • BOOMTOWN (-1905, 125, 755) 388 yards SW of the Cannonade dot (on the corner of a raised road).
  • BOOMTOWN (-2655, 0, 3055) 318 yards S (and a tiny bit E) of Powderkeg dot. The plaque faces E.
  • BOOMTOWN (-680, 270, 3120) Partially buried at 543 yds NNW of the Fuse dot. 
  • FAULTLINE (135, -865, 1020) Just N (175 yards) of the Reservoir dot.  Small bit W of the destroyed information kiosk.
  • FAULTLINE (-75, -610, -15) It is approx 510 yds nearly due N of Reservoir dot, down in the bottom of a canyon on a small pedestal next to a brick wall. It is just NNE of the fifth Scholar badge plague.
You have learned the history behind the founding of Hero Corps.
Expert Locate 4 Might for Right Act plaques
  • ATLAS PARK (630, 0, 960) 100 yds W of Sewer entrance, S side of statue's base. 
  • GALAXY CITY (1160, 30, -715) Approximately 240 yds W of Freedom Court dot. Plaque is on a pedestal, in a park, right under the tram tacks.
  • GALAXY CITY (415, 0, 890) 146 yds SE of the Nebula District dot (on wall next to the dumpster) 
  • PEREZ PARK (-1280, -35, 940) 263yds S of the Bettis Hills dot... just go to the Bettis Hills dot and follow the river S for 263yds and the plaque is on the E shore.
You have learned the history of the Might for Right Act
Historian Locate 5 Special Council plaques
  • INDEPENDENCE PORT (-1080, 0, 2315) On the tip of the SE peninsula from Terra Volta island.
  • TALOS ISLAND (-1530, 160, 7550) Go 225 yds E of tram till you get to a skyscraper then turn S.  Go S till you get to the street, the plague is facing E hanging on the building at your right.
  • DARK ASTORIA (2500, 85, 490) Mid-north area of map, using loc is probably fastest, but nearest dot is Moth Cemetery, the plaque is 460 yds NW of the dot.
  • TERRA VOLTA (2875, 95, -3975) 155 yds E of the Rogers Industries dot on the S side of the road (on your right if traveling from the dot).
  • TERRA VOLTA (-635, 0, -6185) 710 yds SE of exit. Use the coordinates here. It is very hard to see but sits on a stone next to a large generator in the middle of a pattern of large generators. The plaque faces S.
You have learned the history of the U.N. Special Council on Superhuman Activities.
Intellectual Locate 6 Psychic Feedback Loop plaques
  • ATLAS PARK (2545, 0 -1175) NW of Argosy Industrial dot. Near a bus-stop. 
  • GALAXY CITY (-520, 0, -490) 450 yards N/NW of Constellation Row dot (tiny bit W once you are on the road that is 450 yds N of dot). Plague is on N side of the road next to a telephone pole facing S (towards the street). 
  • KINGS ROW (630, -40, 970) 266 yards NE of King Garment dot, just N of the cranes.
  • KINGS ROW (-1365, -40, 690) Across the street from the train station, on the W side.
  • KINGS ROW (-55, -40, -1080) 333 yards NW of the Gish dot. Hidden between a building and a concrete wall.
  • PEREZ PARK (225, 0, 1640) On the N-facing alley wall of "Chillin Villain" Bail Bonds. The bondsman's office is immediately to your left from the Galaxy City exit on the street corner.
You have learned the history of the Lost's attempt to control the mind of Paragon City's people.
Just Said No to Superadine Locate 5 Superadine plaques
  • STEEL CANYON (-1765, 0, -1275) Crimson Fist statue, just N of IP exit, plaque right beside statue.
  • STEEL CANYON (-2180, 0, 750) 650 yds N of Perez Park exit (in building just past the lake). The plaque faces N on a building next to a parking lot across the street from 'The Hungry Dragon' restaurant.
  • SKYWAY CITY ( 510, 85, -5510) About 159 yds north of the tram on the eastern highway above you. The plaque is facing N.
  • BOOMTOWN (1145, 0, -145) 175 yds W of Grenadier Village dot. Plaque will be on your left.
  • FAULTLINE (-905, 17, -1980) On the E side of a building on the far E side (next to wall) of the map from the Downfall dot.  Plaque meshes in as it faces S, so best to go due E to the wall from Downfall and track it by heading N from there along the wall.
You have learned the history of Superadine, the newest designer drug to plague Paragon City.
Pupil Locate 5 Axis Attack plaques
  • ATLAS PARK (510, 0, -1150) NW Corner of City Hall building in parking lot.
  • GALAXY CITY (-730, 0, -1340) Approximately 50 yards S of Equinox dot. Plaque is on a pedestal just east of kneeling statue in reflective pool.
  • KINGS ROW (-175, -40, -1465) Follow road from GC exit 640 yds S, then on right side (W of Hide Park side) jump down to find it on the E-facing side of building.
  • KINGS ROW (-400, 0, 1755) Corner of building between Police HQ and Hospital. Go N from front of hospital, where road goes W, go E behind the building, pedestal with plaque is at the far corner.
  • PEREZ PARK (-1170, -30, 2250) 320 yds SW of Perez Park dot, along the SW bank of the river, hidden from the river view under a tree.
You have learned the history of the fallen hero Atlas.
Researcher Locate 6 Spanky Rabinowitz plaques
  • INDEPENDENCE PORT (-1630, 0, 5255) Go to the SE corner of the map, then head W along that road while looking to your right. It is at the first gated opening in plain sight.  Very silly placement, as it's right in the middle of a driveway.
  • TALOS ISLAND (-1145, 225, 5690) 118 yds E of New Corinth dot.
  • TALOS ISLAND (-3680, 130, 1515) Near Ithaca Island dot.
  • DARK ASTORIA (5218, 0, 135) 530 yds N of Romero Heights dot against the northern boundary marker.
  • DARK ASTORIA (5890, 0, 1545) 335 yds N of Talos Island exit on concrete divider between large buildings on the E side of the road. The plaque faces S.
  • TERRA VOLTA (2090, 0, -6055) 492 yds SW of exit.  In line with the E edge of Coroman Manufacturing zone.  S side of building to the left of door.
You have learned the sordid history of former mayor of Paragon City, Spanky Rabinowitz.
Savant Locate 5 Rikti War plaques
  • FOUNDERS' FALLS (4245, 0, 3685) 211 yds N of the Hutchinson Park dot. Next to a bridge that is just W of Penny Preston (mutant store).
  • CREY'S FOLLY (7225, 32, -550) 160yds N of Carnival Town dot. Turn E and go over wall to the electric tower. Plague is on tower's base next to cardboard box.
  • CREY'S FOLLY (2570, 0, 2680) 239 yds N and a bit E of The Blight dot. It's a freestanding pedestal on the corner of a turn in the road.
  • EDEN (-2815, -25, 2970) 107 yds NE of The Pit dot. The plaque faces SE on a sloped bit of concrete squares pavement.
  • EDEN (-1320, 0, 4490)  Pretty high up on a wall 148 yds W of the Utopia Complex dot.
You have learned the history of the Rikti War.
Scholar Locate 5 War on Drugs plaques
  • STEEL CANYON (-4520, 0, 2070) By the grass patch N of Yellow Line. Go to tram's back support and travel N about 60 yds.   Small stand with plague will be on your right.  Plague faces W.
  • SKYWAY CITY (-1465, 15, -2345) Approx 160 yds W of Talos exit. In a "rest stop" type area under a Crey Biotech billboard.  In middle floor on wall next to restrooms and ATM.
  • SKYWAY CITY (1395, -115, -1145) Approx. 250 yds W of the 'Land of the Lost' dot on concrete wall on the N side of the road (at the end of a slight decline in the road).
  • BOOMTOWN (-1670, 0, 4725) Around 195 yards E of The Fuse dot. If you go E from The Fuse dot, go OVER tunnel, and it is facing E as soon as you drop down (in other words 'on the wall behind you').
  • FAULTLINE (-25, -575, 350) N side of slanted building that is 395yds N of Reservoir dot.
You have learned the history of Back Alley Brawler's war on drugs in Paragon City.
Scholastic Locate 3 Dimensional Barrier plaques
  • FOUNDERS' FALLS (1720, -15, 2400) 217 yds W of Gaspee dot, on the E facing wall of a riverbank (with a dock attached).
  • BRICKSTOWN (-230, 0, -370) SE corner of a brick building that is 430 yds S of the tram.
  • BRICKSTOWN (-3460, 0, 2065) Just a smidge N of the SE corner of The Zig's fence. 
You have learned the history of Dr. Webb smashing the dimensional barrier.
Student Locate 5 Citizen Crime Fighting Act plaques
  • ATLAS PARK (-1145, -15, -170) E wall of small park just S of Hyperion Way dot.  
  • ATLAS PARK (1325, 5, 415) Go N on the road from the Downside dot, make the first right and look for it on a grassy knoll just passed the building with a yellow canopy.  
  • GALAXY CITY (-1785, 0, 500) Approximately 130 yards SW of Perez Park exit & 80 yds SE of Gemini Park dot. Plaque is on the W side of a pillar under a hanging light.
  • PEREZ PARK (-1523, 0, 3960) Just W of Skyway City exit, N of the small Talos statue on the opposite side of the wall (inside the park).
  • PEREZ PARK (-2630, 0, 380) Just inside the park wall, N of Atlas exit.
You have learned the history of the Citizen Crime Fighting Act.


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