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Badge Requirements Faction Description Image Confirmed?
The Silver Bullet

The Slayer

  -- Council Both 5th Column badges have been replaced by Council symbols.  Further more the 5th Column stories have been revamped and reworked as Council. yes
Frozen Fury Winter Special Event...
? ? no
Cold Warrior Winter Special Event...
? ? no
Knight Errant Kings Row Special Event...
 Destroy Clockwork Paladin's construction site
Clockwork You have helped defeat the Clockwork Paladin, a diabolical invention of the Clock King.   Paladin pic   badge info pic yes, though badge not displaying with info is a bug.
Devilfish Independence Port Special Event...
  Defeat Lusca

Lusca is triggered by ???

Octopus You have helped defeat the giant octopus Lusca from terrorizing Independence Port.  (Lusca is an octopus Giant Monster spawning in IP)
pic1  pic2  pic3  pic4  pic5    
Ectoplasmic Talos/IP Special Event badge... 
  Defeat 50 spectral passengers 
Ghosts You have held back the forces of the afterlife in their eternal struggle to break through to the mortal world. (These mobs are scattered in areas where the ghost tanker ship pass through in IP & Talos) 
IP pic
  TI pic  ghosts
Volcanic Defeat 100 Magmites Igneous You have cracked the Igneous bosses, earning you the right to call yourself Volcanic. yes
Visionary Defeat 100 Overseers  Minions of Rularuu You have been successful in a campaign to blind the Overseers in the Shadow Shard. yes



Badge Requirements Description Image Confirmed?
Burkholder's Bane Complete the TF starting with  Stephanie Peebles You have stopped the Council from launching their giant robot against Paragon City.  yes
Troll Task Force Member(?) Firefighting? Having to do with Karsis in the Hollows? ? (?) no
Firebase Zulu Security Detail(?) Something related to time? New/old TF in Firebase Zulu? ? (?) no



Badge Location Coords. Description Confirmed?
Super Spy Striga Island
(Go the Council Base dot, head N till you get to water. Follow the waterline E approx. 390yrds, look for the big doors in the side of the island.)
-6625, -30, -2480 The Council's expert security forces keep most heroes from venturing this far into their base. yes
Sea Dog Striga Island
(As soon as you enter zone, travel E 440yrds turn S and go to end of dock)
-470, 0, 1020 Port Noble's shipping industry has declined of late, as Paragon City's manufacturing has taken a hit in the wake of the Rikti War. Now, with the Council plaguing Striga Isle, the situation has gone from bad to worse. yes
Vulcanologist Striga Island
(As soon as you enter zone you will see a large volcano in the far distance(1.23 mi). Climb to the top of that volcano, on the SW edge of rim is the badge.)
-5350, 870, -795
The Council has hollowed out this dormant volcano to build a massive factory. The creations within are guarded with the utmost secrecy. yes
Parapsychologist The Hollows
(290 yds NW of Eastgate Heights dot. In middle of open grassy area.)
-705, -3380, 890
These hills are home to some of the Circle's most secret rites. Very few are allowed to leave after venturing here. yes
Seeker of Monsters The Hollows
(Travel to the E most entrance to the Troll Tunnels. Follow the nearby N wall as it extends W, when wall turns N... follow it N about 150yrds.)
20, -345, -1280 Grendel's Gulch was named after the Trolls former leader, Grendel, who was defeated by Atta in a contest of strength on this spot. yes
Geologist The Hollows
(Travel to Grendel Gulch dot, go E 62yrds till you get to a manhole, travel N under "busted wall arch".  Badge in center of old building.)
-750, -540, -1650 This spot marks the first sighting of the strange, rock-like creatures known as Pumicites. yes
Backwoodsman The Hollows
(Start from Skyway exit, E till you get off the paved area then turn S, go to stairs. Turn and travel E 0.85mi. Badge is inside the small wooded area.)
-2150, 40, 3330 These woods have cropped up at an an alarming rate since the Hollowing. Many believe the dramatic growth rate of the trees is due to the area being saturated with mystical residue from the Circle's spells. yes
Gangland Fury The Hollows
(About 187 yds S of the "Four Seasons" dot, badge is behind a guardrail, on grassy spot, in front of a house)
-730, -10, -3520 Since the Hollowing, these streets have turned into a warzone between the Trolls and the Outcasts. Only the constant vigilance of heroes keeps this conflict from turning into a bloodbath. yes



Badge Requirements Locations Badge Description confirmed?
Ghost Hunter Find 5 ghostship plagues Talos Island
  • plague1 (1775, 30, 5175)  Next to the Striga ferry ship. Plague faces N.

Striga Island

  • Plaque2 (-3390, 85, 995) On W end of island .66 miles SE of Bonny Morass dot.
  • Plaque3 (-265, 95, -2520) On W side of building on island 705 yds N of Port Noble dot.
  • Plaque4 (-2670, 0, -405) On SE corner of building. 640 yds S of Bonny Morass dot.
  • plaque5  (-2530, -30, -2110) On side of crypt by pond. 140 yrds E of Bonny Morass dot.
You have learned the rumors behind the fabled Ghost Ship.  yes
Digger Find 5 Hollowing plaques Atlas Park
  • plague1 (1155, 40, -775) Go to Prometheus Park dot, plague is on top of bridge.


  • Plaque2 (-2250, 0, -2350)In alley near E wall 660yrds NE of Grendel's Gulch dot.
  • plaque3 (1355, 5, -3065) By tree 195yrds S of Cherry Hills dot.
  • plaque4 (880, 65, 3335)On platform overlooking the river, near Skyway exit
  • Plaque5 (1615, 0, -1950)Stand next to building 570yrds S of Cherry Hills dot.
You have learned the history behind the Hollowing. yes
plague moved... --
  • AtlasHistory3 (-750, 0, -1545) 40ft N of Equinox dot. Across from construction zone by tree in grassy area. 



Level TF Name(found on souvenir) Contact NPC (Zone) Min.Team Souvenir/Badge Enemy
 ? ?I have a feeling the trial was altered to this one contact and other contacts where made into a zone specific TF. And most likely connected to the "Troll Task Force Member" badge. Karsis (the hollows) 680, -30, -60 8 ? ?
23 - 28 ? Moonfire (striga island) -3600, 60, -395 6 ? The Council
? - ?
(23 is too low)
info on forums Ernesto Hess (striga island) -6555, 80, 280
Like the current HollowsTrial you must complete missions from other contacts first: Stephanie Peebles, Tobias Hansen, and Lars Hensen
6 Burkholder's Bane The Council
30-36? (38 is too high) info on forums Calvin Scott (independence port) ? ? various factions, & final fight with Malaise



Name Location Known info
Karl Bolger  IP  -2185, 0, 3080  Just states "I know a hero when I see one" when clicked.  Maybe be part of a mission that I just don't recall.
Stephanie Peebles ?  (?,?,?) Part of the zone specific Striga Island TF
Toblas Hensen Striga Island ( -2565, -32, -2385) Part of the zone specific Striga Island TF
Lars Hansen Striga Island (-495, 80, -2360) Part of the zone specific Striga Island TF
Ernesto Hess   Striga Island (-6555, 80, 280) Part of the zone specific Striga Island TF



 These NPCs will alter the difficulty of missions for a fee.  Fee is based on hero level.

Zone Location / Coords
Atlas Park NE of Atlas Plaza dot, opposite of Henry Peter Wong contact  (-40, 15, -885)
Brickstown Standing next to hospital, close to Neal Kendrick contact (?, ?, ?)
Galaxy City Out back of the Freedom Corp HQ (?, ?, ?)
Independence Port On hill, across street from hospital door  (-1565, 5, -5500)
Kings Row Near Blue Steel trainer (?, ?, ?)
Steel Canyon Opposite side from Positron (-3135, -80, -395)
Talos Island On the base of the Talos statue   (1715, 13, 7745)
Skyway City E of Tram station, in small park area with Minx & Synapse (-70, -25, -5115)
Founders' Falls W side of fountain in Williams Square (3890, 0, 600)
Peregrine Island At Portal Corp sign (-1500, 0, -340)



Badge Needed set Description Confirmed?
    None known to have been added.  : (  

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