Bind Command Reference

-- by CoCoNoNo (Most of this information from the CoH board (thanks Curveball) and picked up from random users.)

How do binds work?

A bind is a custom set of keyboard and mouse commands. This reference lists the commands you can use when creating your own binds. To see examples of binds and macros, your best option is to visit the forums at

In all descriptions below, omit the [] around any parameter name.  e.g., to set your AFK message, you would use afk I am AFK not afk [I am AFK].


+forward move forward
+left strafe left
+backward move back
+right strafe right
+turnleft turn left
+turnright turn right
++autorun toggles autorun
autorun [param] same as above 1 toggles on 0 toggles off
follow toggles follow
+up moves up (vertical)
+down moves down (vertical)


+mouse_look toggles mouselook similar to FPS games
+camrotate rotates camera without affecting bearing of character
camreset resets camera position
++third toggles between first and third person
+camdistadjust adjusts zoom distance


show chat brings up chat window (show is another command)
startchat toggles the key input to be routed to the chat screen and parsed accordingly
slashchat initiates a chat that starts with / so whatever is typed is interpreted as a command
autoreply replies to last tell
beginchat like startchat except takes parameters (I think)
local sends chat to local window
broadcast sends chat to broadcast window
b sends chat to broadcast window
request sends chat to request window
auction sends chat to request window
team sends chat to team window
friends sends chat to friends window
emote sends chat as an emote
afk [message] sets character afk with whatever message
bug [message] sends a bug report to the Dev team
chat_cycle cycles through chat channels
chat_set [chan] jumps to [chan]
whoall dumps a list of everyone in the zone into your chat window


sgmode toggles supergroup mode on/off
cc 0 toggle to initial starting costume
cc 1 toggle to costume in extra slot 1
cc 2 toggle to costume in extra slot 2
cc 3 toggle to costume in extra slot 3


powexec_abort aborts whatever power is begin executed
powexec_slot [num] executes whatever power is in slot [num]
powexec_altslot [num] executes whatever power is in alternate slot [num]
inspexec_slot [num] uses whatever inspiration is in slot [num]
powexec_name [name] executes power [name]
powexec_auto [name] automatically executes power [name] when it is available
powexec_unqueue works like abort but does not remove the attack that is set as auto


team_select [num] targets team member [num]
toggle_enemy toggles through all available enemies
toggle_enemy_prev toggles backwards through previous enemies
unselect unselects target
target_enemy_near targets nearest enemy
target_friend_near targets nearest friendly
target_friend_next cycles through friendly targets
target_friend_prev cycles through friendly targets
target_friend_far targets far friendly


+alttray cycles through alternate power tray
alttraysticky raises/lowers alternate power tray(?)
next_tray chooses next power tray
prev_tray chooses previous power tray
next_tray_alt chooses next alternate power tray
prev_tray_alt chooses previous alternate power tray
goto_tray [num] goes to tray [num]
map toggles map menu
nav toggles nav menu
powers toggles power menu
menu toggles menu
target toggles target menu
chat toggles chat menu
window_toggle [name] same as 'map', etc., but you get to type more. 

Binding and macro stuff

bind [key] [command] assigns a keystroke to a command (or set of commands)
bind_list lists the binds you have currently loaded to the server
bind_save saves binds to c:\binds.txt
bind_load loads binds from c:\binds.txt
bind_load_file [path]/[filename] loads the binds from the file to the game so you can use them


$archetype your archetype
$name your name
$origin your origin
$level your level
$target the name of your target
$battlecry your battlecry

Chat Modifiers

These change the appearance of the chat bubbles in game. Check this page for a list of valid color names.

color [color] sets the text color to [color]
bgcolor [color] set the backround color to [color]
border [color] sets the border color to [color]
scale [#] sets the font size accepts any real number from 0 to 4
duration [#] sets the duration of how long the bubble stays (limitations unknown as of yet)

[color] can also be set as a 8 digit hex value - the last 2 digits are for transparency.


$$ allows combining of commands when creating a bind
+ executes command until toggle is released
++ toggles a command automatically

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