Contacts Guide (1-5 & 5-10 missions)

Clicking on a contact's name will give insight about them and any interesting missions they may have.

 LEVEL 1 - 5 

 LEVEL 5 - 10 

Name Origin Zone Enemy Name Origin Zone Enemy
Azuria Magic Atlas Park Hellions Laurence Mansfield Magic Atlas Park Hellions / CoT
Gregor  Magic Galaxy City Hellions Paco Sanchez Magic Galaxy City Hellions / CoT
Antonio Nash Mutant Atlas Park Skulls Genevieve Sanders Magic Kings Row Hellions / CoT
Prince Kiros Nandelu Mutant Galaxy City Skulls Juan Jimenez Mutant Kings Row Skulls
Susan Davies Natural Atlas Park Council Linda Summers Mutant Kings Row Skulls
Derek Amberson Natural Galaxy City Council Ron Hughes Mutant Kings Row Skulls
Jonathan St. John Smythe Science Atlas Park   Detective Jose Brogan Natural Atlas Park Lost
Rebecca Brinell Science Galaxy City   Rachel Torres Natural Galaxy City Lost
Rick Davies Tech Atlas Park Clockwork Vic Johansson Natural Kings Row Lost
Caitlin Murray Tech Galaxy City Clockwork Tony Kord Tech Atlas Park Clockwork
Maurice Feldon Tech Galaxy City Clockwork
Paula Dempsey Tech Kings Row Clockwork
Henry Peter Wong Science Atlas Park Vahzilok
Kip Cantorum Science Galaxy City Vahzilok
Samuel Pierce Science Kings Row Vahzilok


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