Contacts Guide (30-35 & 35-40 missions)

Clicking on a contact's name will give insight about them and any interesting missions they may have.


 LEVEL 30 - 35 

 LEVEL 35 - 40 

Name Origin Zone Enemy Name Origin Zone Enemy
Allison King Magic Brickstown Council / CoT Cadao Kestrel Magic Founders' Falls CoT
Peter Stemitz Magic Founders' Falls Council / CoT Colleen Nelson Mutant Brickstown Council
Merisel Valenzuela Mutant Brickstown Council / D.Earth Gordon Stacy Natural Brickstown Crey
Jose Escalante Mutant Founders' Falls Council / D.Earth Ginger Yates Science Founders' Falls D.Earth
Phillipa Meraux Natural Founders' Falls Rikti / Crey Anton Sampson Tech Founders' Falls Nemesis
Lou Pasterelli Science Brickstown D. Earth / Crey Steven Sheridan  -- Brickstown Rikti
Jenny Firkins Science Founders' Falls D. Earth / Crey        
Neal Kendrick Tech Brickstown Freakshow / Nemesis        
Tina Chung Tech Founders' Falls Freakshow / Nemesis        

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