Contacts Guide (40-45 & 45-50 missions)

Clicking on a contact's name will give insight about them and any interesting missions they may have.


 LEVEL 40 - 45 

 LEVEL 45 - 50 

Name Origin Zone Enemy Name Origin Zone Enemy
Madeleine Casey Magic Founders' Falls Carnies Harvey Maylor Magic Peregrine Island Carnies
Indigo Mutant Founders' Falls Malta Crimson Mutant Peregrine Island Malta
Tina Macintyre Natural Peregrine Island Dimensional Unai Kemen Natural Peregrine Island Dimensional
Janet Kellum Science Founders' Falls Crey Maria Jenkins  -- Peregrine Island Praetorians
Maxwell Christopher Tech Founders' Falls Nemesis
Angus McQueen  -- Founders' Falls Rikti


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