-- Glossu Rabban(Justice)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 20 - 24
  • Factions: Banish Pantheon, Circle of Thorns
  • Contacts: Andrea Mitchell (talos),  Cain Royce (talos),  Josef Keller (talos),  Oliver Haak (talos),  Piper Irving (talos),  Dr. Cheng (independence port)
  • Reward: Spirit Warrior(badge)

1) Defeat all villains in sewer

Mission: ??

Selection Text: A large number of pre-cognitives have been reporting visions of a nightmarish battle beneath the streets of the city.  In these visions, the Banished Pantheon battle the Circle of Thorns for control of some sort of mystic vortices that trap wandering spirits.  And in these visions, you appear as well.  Are you willing to face the vision and stop both of these groups of mystic madmen?
Type: Indoor: sewers
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: --
Commentary: I went with a large group and there were tons of masks in this mission.  You have to kill everything in the sewer to complete the mission.  Just FYI, my mission spawned in 'Boomtown'.

Badge:  Spirit Warrior

You have stopped a war between the Banished Pantheon and the Circle of Thorns.


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