-- Culex(Virtue), Black Member(Liberty)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 20 - 24
  • Factions: Freakshow
  • Contacts: Andrew Fiore (talos), Claire Childress (talos), Piper Irving (talos) Lt. Col. Hugh McDougal (talos),  Vic Garland (talos),  Jake Kim (IP), Wilma Peterson (IP), Vic Garland(?)
  • Reward: Pwnz(badge), Confiscated Beanbag(temp-power)

1) ??Line of text you click to start the mission (at bottom when talking to contact)??

Mission: Defeat Freak leader, his crew

Selection Text:   There's been a great deal of chaos on the streets of the city, and a good deal of it has been started by a gang called the Freakshow. This highly factionalized group of nihilistic anarchists has become dangerous, fueled by a drug called Excelsior and their unwavering hatred of 'the system.' Their tenacity and wild abandon make them dangerous opponents. I just got a tip that the Freakshow have taken raided the Lockhard Aerotech weapons lab and made off with a mighty arsenal. Will you retrieve the stolen weapons from the Freakshow?
Type: Indoor: Freakshow office
Sub-goals: Secure 6 weapon caches
Notable mobs: Teh PwNxx0rz! (Tank Swiper)
Clues: Advanced weapons
Commentary: After returning to your contact you are given a temp. power...

Confiscated Beanbag
Ranged, Minor DMG(Smash), Foe Disorient
You confiscated this weapon from a Freakshow base. It fires a single, non-lethal Beanbag that can seriously Disorient a target. You have 50 Beanbags.

Badge:  Pwnz

You have arrested one of the higher ranking members of the Freakshow.


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