-- Justice Keeper(Virtue),  Afflicted(Infinity)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 30 - 34
  • Factions: Rikti
  • Contacts: Phillipa Meraux (founders falls),
  • Reward: War Wall Defender(badge)

1) Rescue the engineers and prevent the Rikti from bringing down the force fields

Mission: Stop Kenslet & his crew

Selection Text: I need your help with a dangerous situation.  A group of engineers was working on the War Walls near Talos Island when they were captured by the Rikti.  The Rikti have attempted to bring down War Walls before, and if they can stop the engineers from making their adjustments, they just might succeed.  The good news is that the villains have been isolated in an emergency forcefield.  The bad news is that it may not prevent them from affecting the War Walls.  You've got to rescue the engineers and prevent the Rikti from destroying the force fields that protect the city.
Type: instanced outdoor: island "Beacon's Crossing"
Sub-goals: rescue 8 scientists, protect 3 machines
Notable mobs: Commander Kenslet (Armored Rikti? The rikti battle armor is more advanced than any armor found on Earth. It offers...)
Clues: --

Afflicted: The machines you have to rescue are called "Hyperwave fragmenter", "Field spectrotron" and "Electromagnetic destabilizer". They're similar to the cape mission in that they're surrounded by mobs and you have to protect them upon engaging the enemy. So best to shoot fast! :D

Boiler: In order to beat this mission...  defeat the mobs grouped with each scientest, defeat mobs grouped with each machine(and make sure they don't destroy it while doing so), and take out Commander Kenslet and his mob group. Kenslet has the ability to hold & sleep you repeatedly so take a bunch of Discipline inspirations.

Badge:  War Wall Defender

You foiled a plot to undermine the War Walls that protect Paragon City.


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