-- Culex(Virtue)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 35 - 39
  • Factions: Crey
  • Contacts: Gordon Stacy (brickstown),
  • Reward: The Doctor's Ally(badge)

1) Investigate the Hacker known as The Doctor

Mission:  Locate hacker before Crey can

Selection Text: I've been hearing rumblings on the Internet about a new hacker called The Doctor. This 'Doctor' seem to be very anti-Crey, taking responsibility for the attacks on Crey's servers, and posting some very amusing stories about Countess Crey on the various news sites.  The Doctor hasn't caused any REAL damage yet, but I think its only a matter of time before Crey themselves decide to get involved. I was hoping you could put on your investigation cap and check this one out for me.  When Crey does start looking for this hacker, it could get messy.
Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: Locate The Doctor,  Unlock 2 doors
Notable mobs: Agent Chalmers (Crey Cyro Tank)
Agent Ruthven (Crey Voltaic Tank)
Clues: Key
You can never find me
They call me The Doctor
Crey is up to no good!
Greetings from the Great Beyond
Commentary: The Doctor is a "computer on a desk" glowie. You must defeat the Tanks and their mob groupings for the keys. There are a few other computer desks to search. Read the clues... it's all very creepy-like.

Badge:  The Doctor's Ally

You have uncovered the fate of Doctor Friedkin.


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