Extra Costume 3

-- Boiler(Liberty)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 40+
  • Factions: Nemesis
  • Contacts: Carson(founders' falls)
  • Reward: An extra costume slot

1) Defeat Nemesis to protect Carson

Mission: Protect Carson from Nemesis

Selection Text: I hate to ask for help, but you see, I wrote a scathing piece in the latest issue of Paragon Times about the fashion used by Nemesis and his soldiers. I called them 'old-fashioned,' and said they needed to update their look for the new millennium. Well, apparently Nemesis himself read the article and was... perturbed. He left a message saying that I was on 'his list,' whatever that means. Looks like I need a little hero protection. if you can help me out, I can fashion you a costume in the latest of all trends. Your Super Group members will be so jealous!
Type: Defeat #
Sub-goals: Defeat 30 Nemesis
Notable Mobs: --
Clues: --
Commentary: There will be a small ambush after accepting this mission.

Reward:    An extra costume slot


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