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Level Part / Mission Contact NPC (Zone) Enemy
 20+ Extra Costume 1 Serge (steel canyon) Tsoo
  Cape City Representative (atlas park) Lost
  Cape of the Four Winds (pic) Purchase the DVD:SE items pack or full software... Devs statement  --
 30+ Extra Costume 2 Lauren (independence port) Crey
  Aura City Representative (atlas park) Devouring Earth, Freakshow, Rikti
 40+ Extra Costume 3 Carson (founders' falls) Nemesis



 Whether or not the mission is your own, if you are on a team you will be rewarded with the badge.
Level Badge / Mission Enemy
 5 - 9 Negotiator Clockwork, Skulls
 10 - 14 Spelunker Circle of Thorns
 15 - 19 Plague Stopper Vahzilok
 20 - 24 Spirit Warrior Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns
  Pwnz Freakshow
 25 - 29 Redeemer Family, 5th Column, Warriors
  Mystical Savior Banished Pantheon
 30 - 34 Corrupter Circle of Thorns, Nemesis, Rikti
  War Wall Defender Rikti
 35 - 39 The Doctor's Ally Crey
  Frontline Circle of Thorns
 40 - 44 Emancipator Clockwork
  Meteorologist Nemesis
 45 - 50 Bodyguard Malta Operatives
  Agent Praetorian



 You are only able to have 2 of these running per hero at a time.  If it seems you can't get a contact to start theirs try recalling all your older contacts so to clear out any unfinished storyarcs.
Level Name Souvenir Main Enemy
 9 - 15 The Clockwork Captive An Etched Clockwork piece Clockwork
Bonefire Skulls Bandana Skulls
The Vahzilok Pollutant Plot Water department ID badge Vahzilok
 15 - 20 The Mind of a King Damaged power source Clockwork
The Tsoo Shenanigans Rage ampoule Tsoo
The Vahzilok Plague Hypodermic needle Vahzilok
 20 - 25 The Wheel of Destruction Hub of the Wheel of Destruction Banished Pantheon
A Hand of Iron Iron Hand's Badge Freakshow
The Sky Raider Secret Captain Indomitable's Uni-Bands Sky Raiders
The Tsoo Coup Tsoo Dagger Tsoo
 25 - 30 Ubelmann the Unknown Letter from Requiem 5th Column
The Scroll of Tielekku Translation of the Scroll of Tielekku Banished Pantheon
An Unnatural Order Will of the Earth sample Devouring Earth
The Freaklympics Freaklympics Gold Medal Freakshow
The Mysterious General Z The Mysterious General Z Sky Raiders
 30 - 35 The Rise of the Vampyri Dossier on Victor Sieger 5th Column
The Library of Souls Note from Akarist Circle of Thorns
Corporate Culture Crey data disc Crey
The Unity Plague Sample of the Unity cure Devouring Earth
The Freakshow War Page from Schwarzwald's notebook Freakshow
 35 - 40 A Path Into Darkness The Book 'The Rites of the Dark' 5th Column
The Envoy of Shadow The Envoy's True Name Circle of Thorns
Revenant Hero Project Invisible Falcon's Mask Crey
The Terra Conspiracy Hamidon's letter Devouring Earth
  Mass Duplicity Nemesis battle suit blueprints Nemesis
The Organ Grinders Omega level clearance badge Rikti
 40 - 45 To Save a Soul Madeline Casey's pendant Carnies
The Evil Countess Crey Julianne's diary Crey
  Melvin and the Mysterious Malta Group A painting called Gentlemen of Malta Malta Operatives
  The Eternal Nemesis The Face of Nemesis Nemesis
  The Praetorian War Blue Clockwork piece Praetorians
  Division: Line C'Kelkah's ceremonial blade Rikti
 45 - 50 Upon the Psychic Plane Vanessa DeVore's mask Carnies
Project: World Wide Red The thanks of the world Malta Operatives
To Save A Thousand Worlds Pure flame ...various dimensional
A Hero's Hero Statesman's face plate Praetorians


Level Name Contact NPC (Zone) Min.Team Souvenir Main Enemy
 10 - 16 The Rule of Three Positron (steel canyon) 3 Dam Piece CoT, Clockwork, Vahzilok
 15 - 21 The Fall of the Clockwork King Synapse (skyway city) 4 Clockwork Part Clockwork
 20 - 26 Clamor and Destruction Sister Psyche (independence port) 5 Sonic Bomb Fragment Freakshow
 25 - 31 Bastion's Children Bastion (talos island) 6 Computer Chip 5th Column
 30 - 35 Following Countess Crey Manticore (brickstown) 7 Note from Hopkins Crey
 35 - 38 Soul of the Woodsman Numina (founders' falls) 4 The Soul of the Woodsman Devouring Earth ...& many more
 40 - 44 Explorers and Exploiters Dr. Quarterfield (firebase zulu) 8 Nemesis portal wreckage Crey, Nemesis, Soldiers of Rularuu
 40 - 50 The Legend of Ruladak Sara Moore (molepoint charlie) 8 Legend of Ruladak CoT, Nemesis, Soldiers of Rularuu
 40 - 50 The Saga of Faathim Justin Augustine (the chantry) 8 Saga of Faathim CoT, Soldiers of Rularuu
 44 - 50 The Saga of Lanaru Faathim the Kind (the chantry) 8 Saga of Lanaru Nemesis, Rikti, Soldiers of Rularuu


Level Name Contact NPC (Zone) Min. Team Enemy
 24 - 33 Terra Volta Respec: level 24 Jane Hallaway (independence port) 4 Sky Raiders
 34 - 43 Terra Volta Respec: level 34 Captain James Harlan (founders' falls) 4 Freakshow
 44+ Terra Volta Respec: level 44 Major Flagg (rikti crash site) 4 Rikti


Level Name Contact NPC (Zone) Min. Team Enemy
 12+ Cavern of Transcendence Trial Talshak the Mystic (the hollows) 8 Circle of Thorns, Minions of Igneous
 38+ (see notes) Abandoned Sewers Trial Maren MacGregor (founders' falls) 1 (see notes) Rikti, Hydra
 39 - 41 Eden Spire Trial Woodsman (eden) 4 Devouring Earth

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