Terra Volta Respec: level 24

-- Boiler, IN FER NO, Kayley, Nips, Teh Scarab, & Zel (Liberty)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 24 - 33
  • Minimum team size: 4
  • Factions: Sky Raiders
  • Contacts: Jane Hallaway (independence port... at N end of Valor Bridge)
  • Reward choices: 
       - Respec option, Transmogrified(badge), & Received the Stalwart Medallion(badge)
       - SO enhancement & Transmogrified(badge)

1) The line of text you click to start the mission (gained from talking to contact) ?

Mission: Speak to Jason Serano

Selection Text: I've been hearing some strange rumors about the Sky Raiders lately. Word on the street is that they're closing in on big goal. Don't spread this around, but I'm hoping you and some of your hero friends can assist me in my investigation. There's something huge going on here, and I'm determined to find out what.
Type: Delivery (Terra Volta)
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: --
Commentary: --

Mission:  Get Sky Raiders' attention

Type: Defeat #
Sub-goals: Defeat 25 Sky Raiders
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Business card
Commentary: --

2) The line of text you click to start the mission (gained from talking to contact) ?

Mission: Defeat Sgt. Clayton & his men

Type: Indoor: office
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: Sgt. Clayton (Captain)
Clues: Containment equipment
The Skyraiders' last words
Commentary: --

3) The line of text you click to start the mission (gained from talking to contact) ?

Mission: Save Terra Volta Reactor

Type: Indoor: terra volta
Sub-goals: Save guard
Save scientists
Save scientists & get key
Get to reactor
Protect reactor
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Reactor core key
Commentary:      This is a 5 step mission...  save the guard in the first room and from there enter the by room.  The second room is the control center and is lined with five other doors.  Pretty simple, clear the mobs and rescue the scientists the final scientist will give your team a key to enter the hallway to the reactor.  Once cleared and all the scientist are saved you must get to the reactor.  The hallway is lined with proximity bombs that pack a really big punch.  Taking them out will be key to get down the hall while fighting the mobs.  (Our tank was standing next one and I shot it without thinking... well it took her from 100% to 0% hp real fast. ;p  sorry Kayley)  At the end of the hall is the prepping room to the reactor.  You find a rack with Reactor Coolant Belts and a machine that grants a radiation shield on your hero when you stand in it.  The Rector Coolant Belts are a temp. power that is used to heal the reactor core.  After getting a belt and shielding up enter the reactor room.  Eight waves of enemies will try to destroy the reactor while there.  Keep them from doing so and you will have beaten the Terra Volta Respec!
     Also a  good tip also is take a */dev blaster with Trip Mine with you, so they can place mines around the core between waves.  This is a probably one of the most fun missions I have been on since playing.

Badge:    Received the Stalwart Medallion

Fighting in the reactor in Terra Volta has affected you in strange ways... some of you powers seem to be fluctuating.

Badge:    Transmogrified

You have succeeded in preventing the destruction of the Terra Volta reactor... but at what price?


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