The Vahzilok Pollutant Plot

-- Jumping Jack (Freedom),  Artphobia(Liberty)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 9-15
  • Factions: Vahzilok
  • Contacts: Kyle Peck(steel canyon),  Jill Pastor(skyway city),  Tristan Caine(skyway city)
  • Reward: Water department ID badge(souvenir), Training enhancement(random)

1) Stop the Vahzilok slaughter right away

Mission: Stop zombie leader and minions

Selection Text: I've just heard that the Vahzilok are attacking some offices! Apparently they're just slaughtering everyone. You need to stop the Vahzilok slaughter right away. Make certain you examine the area for any clues they might have left.
Type: Indoor: office
Sub-goals: Investigate raid, Save 7 hostages
Notable mobs: --
Clues: ID badge
Commentary: Knowing the Vahzilok, we might be seeing parts of John Doe the sewer worker again.  Also never found a specific named leader.

2) Investigate chemical hijacking

Mission: Defeat hijacker and his guards

Type: Indoor: warehouse
Sub-goals: Investigate hijacking
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Shipping manifest
Commentary: Just what we need... maniacs with dangerous chemicals.  Take out all the mobs and find the correct glowie to complete.  Never found a specifically named "hijacker" mob.  Also the barrel glowies give XP.

3) Rescue those physicians from the Vahzilok

Mission: Rescue the physicians

Type: Indoor: office
Sub-goals: Rescue 3 hostages
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Physician conversation
Commentary: No need to defeat all mobs, just defeat the ones grouped with the hostages.

4) Combat the Vahzilok Rampage

Mission: Combat the Vahzilok rampage

Type: Defeat #
Sub-goals:  Defeat 10 Vahzilok
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Tattered map
Commentary: You may be ambushed when you start this mission.

5) Take map to City Representative

Mission: Take map to city representative

Type: Delivery
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Sewer map
Commentary: There will be a large Vahzilok ambush after accept this mission.

6) Stop Butcher from drugging the water

Mission: Destroy the pollutant

Type: Indoor: sewers
Sub-goals: Disable 3 drug bombs
Notable mobs: Butcher (Luminous Eidolon)
Clues: -
Commentary: Finally, the crux of the plot - To complete the mission all you have to do is click the 3 glowies and defeat just the mobs in Butcher's room. And for that, you get to keep the ID badge. ... in case you need to visit the sewers again some time, perhaps? :)   

Souvenir:  Water department ID badge

The trail began with several murderous attacks by the Vahzilok. They were killing innocent office workers. You stopped the slaughter and recovered an ID badge from one of the victims. The badge identified the fallen man as an employee of the Paragon City Water Department.

The Vahzilok didn't let their defeat slow them down. Your contact learned that the zombies had hijacked a chemical shipment, and you were sent to investigate. You dispatched the Vahzilok and recovered a shipping manifest. A cleanup crew was sent to recover the stolen chemicals, but, according to the manifest, several canisters were still missing.

Next you were sent to rescue several physicians kidnapped by the Vahzilok. From one of these doctors, you learned that the Vahzilok wanted information about a drug that aids in organ transplants by lowering the body's resistance to the foreign organs. Your contact put together the pieces. The Water Department badge. The missing chemicals. The doctor's new drug. The Vahzilok were coordinating a massive effort to drug the water of Paragon City!

In an effort to distract the city's heroes from their plan, the Vahzilok stepped up their reign of terror on the streets of Paragon City. You responded to the threat, defeating Vahzilok after Vahzilok until you found one that was carrying a faded map. It pointed to the water purification center, and you realized that the Vahzilok intended to deploy their drug at that location.

You made your way to the sewers and confronted the Vahzilok. You put a stop to the plot to contaminate the Paragon City water supply with the evil taint of Vahzilok.

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