The Vahzilok Plague

-- Artphobia(Liberty)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 15 - 20
  • Factions: Vahzilok
  • Contacts: Dr. Ann-Marie Engles(skyway city), Juliana Nehring(skyway city), Olivia Chung(steel canyon), Pavel Garnier(skyway city)
  • Reward: Hypodermic needle(souvenir), DO enhancement

1) Take scanning device and use it on any Vahzilok you see

Mission: Scan Vahzilok for disease info

Selection Text:   Look, the city council wants to keep this quiet. There's been a rash of mysterious illnesses in the past few days, and a few cases have already proved fatal. We're not sure what this disease is, but it's quite virulent. If something isn't done soon, we'll be living in a ghost town. 
  We do have good evidence that the illness is connected to the Vahzilok zombies. I need you take this scanning device and use it on any Vahzilok you see. We need all the data we can get.
Type: Defeat #
Sub-goals: Defeat 15 Vahzilok
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Medical scanner
Vahzilok data
Commentary: There will be a small (and slow moving) ambush after accepting this mission.  Hmm, so not only are they zombies... they're diseased as well!

2) Eliminate the diseased Vahzilok and collect some samples

Mission: Eliminate all diseased Vahzilok

Type: Indoor: sewers
Sub-goals: Find disease sample
Notable mobs: Surgeon (Mire Eidolon)
Clues: Vahzilok blood sample
Commentary: --

3) Take these diseased blood samples to Professor St. John-Smythe for final processing

Mission: Deliver samples to the professor

Type: Delivery (Atlas Park)
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: --
Commentary: Now that we have become infected with the disease, it's more than time to find a cure!  You will gain a temp-power after accepting the mission...  

Vahzilok Wasting Disease
Auto: Self -Regeneration, -Recovery, -HP, -End
You have been infected with the Vahzilok Wasting Disease. This disease, introduced by the Vahzilok, is slowly wasting you away. Find a cure, quick! Your Max Hit Points, Endurance, Regeneration, and Recovery have been reduced.

Some power huh? At least having flies buzz around you is neat... well sort of. :p

Mission: Defeat Patient Zero and minions

Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: Rescue 3 scientists
Notable mobs: Patient Zero (Murk Eidolon)
Clues: Scientist conversation
Commentary: Soloing this mission isn't advised as your now fighting with a very nasty handicap.  But in the end it seems saving people has finally paid off... no more flies!  After leaving the mission I was given a DO enhancement, but not of the correct origin though.

4) Go to the sewers and incinerate every body you find

Mission: Put an end to Vahzilok plague

Type: Indoor: sewers
Sub-goals: Destroy 4 bodies
Notable mobs: The Leech (Mire Eidolon)
Dr. Vahzilok (Archvillain!)
Commentary: There is two ways to complete this mission...

Clicking the 4 glowies will complete the mission... meaning you do not have to face Vahzilok if you don't wish to.  

Defeat just Dr. Vahzilok and his room full of mobs. It would be wise to bring a group if you do intend on facing the archvillain.

Souvenir: Hypodermic needle

It all started when your contact informed you of a deadly new Vahzilok disease. Eager to help, you went into the streets and the sewers to collect data on the diseased Vahzilok. But your heroism was not without its price. You learned that you had been infected with the deadly Vahzilok plague.

Your contact sent you to Professor St. John-Smythe for a cure. But when you arrived at the professor's labs, you found them under attack. You defeated the Vahzilok inside and saved the professor's colleagues, along with some of the precious serum they had concocted. Grateful for your help, one of the scientists used this needle to administer the cure.

Restored to full health, you ventured into the sewers once more, this time on a mission to incinerate the contaminated bodies. You came face to face with Dr. Vahzilok himself, but the mad doctor was not able to prevent you from ridding the world of his plague.

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