The Sky Raider Secret

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Basic Info

  • Levels: 20 - 25
  • Factions: Sky Raiders
  • Contacts: Randel Jackson(IP),  John Strobel(talos),  Barry Gosford(talos),  Wilson Eziquerra(IP),  Justin Greene(IP), Oswald Cuthbert(IP)
  • Reward: Captain Indomitable's Uni-Bands(souvenir)

1) Stop the Sky Raiders' attack

Mission: Defeat commander, his entourage

Selection Text: I learned something rather disturbing from one of my contacts in Talos Island. It seems the sky Raiders are planning an attack on a secret conference in an office building over there. It's all very hush-hush; I can't even find out who the attendees are. But I'm sure they don't deserve to be assassinated! Will you stop the Sky Raiders' attack?
Type: Indoor
Sub-goals: 3 men to rescue
Notable mobs: Douglas(?)
Clues: Mysterious Conversation

2)  Talk to Andrea Mitchell about the general

Mission: Talk to Andrea Mitchell about the general

Type: Delivery
Notable mobs:
Commentary: They do indeed ambush you near the contact.

3) Protect Eli Hunt from the Sky Raiders

Mission: Save Eli Hunt

Type: Indoor
Sub-goals: Rescue Eli Hunt
Notable mobs: Lt. Paulson(?)
Clues: Eli Hunt Conversation

Mission: Investigate warehouse, Find Wayne Evans

Type: Indoor:? , Timed: ?
Sub-goals: 6 bombs remaining, Find Wayne Evans
Notable mobs: Lt. Marshall(?)
Clues: Shipping file

4) Check out Katcher's office

Mission: Defeat Commander, his entourage

Type: Indoor
Sub-goals: Find Irving Katcher
Notable mobs: Lt. Richards(?)
Clues: Katcher conversation

Souvenir: Captain Indomitable's Uni-Bands

It began with a Sky Raider plot to eliminate three men who were meeting secretly in a Paragon City office. You stopped the assault, but were able to learn very little from the secretive gentlemen you saved. Your contact investigated, and learned that one of the men was General Toliver Jackson, former commander of Vigilance, a team of soldiers trained to fight super-powered threats. You were sent to talk to Andrea Mitchell, a former member of the team. She told you that the other two men you rescued were also involved in Vigilance. They were former Deputy Secretary of Defense Eli Hunt and Wayne Evans, AKA Captain Indomitable.

Your contact then learned that Eli Hunt was making a visit to a nearby lab. Concerned that the Sky Raiders might still be on the hunt, you followed Eli, and arrived in time to save him from the Sky Raiders' attack forces. He told you that Captain Indomitable had gone to check out some shipping irregularities at a nearby warehouse. You followed Captain Indomitable, but you were too late to save him from the Sky Raiders. On his body you found a shipping manifest, which indicated that some supplies intended for Vigilance had been diverted to another group.

You had a dead hero, a lot of questions, and the name of the man who diverted the supplies: Irving Katcher. Desperate for some answers, you showed up at Katcher's office in time to stop a team of Sky Raider assassins. And there you learned the entire, ugly story. Katcher told you that he had been tricked into diverting the supplies by a Colonel Duray. Duray disappeared along with the supplies and his men, and Katcher was left holding the bag. Your contact could only conclude that Duray and his men had become the Sky Raiders.

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