The Mysterious General Z

-- Captain Hero(Pinnacle)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 25 - 30
  • Factions: Sky Raiders
  • Contacts: Christine Lansdale (independence port),
  • Reward: The Mysterious General Z(souvenir)

1) Thwart the assassination attempt

Mission: Stop Sky Raiders Assassination

Selection Text: There are rumors circulating in the underground that the Sky Raiders are planning to assassinate T’mbe Alwani, the ambassador from the African country of West Libertalia. I need someone to thwart the assassination attempt. Are you up for it?
Type: Indoor: office
Sub-goals: Rescue 3 people
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Mysterious statement
Commentary: --

2) Recover the stolen evidence

Mission: Recover the stolen evidence

Type: Indoor: warehouse
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: West Libertalian Records
Commentary: --

3) Check the warehouse

Mission: Recover records from warehouse

Type: Indoor: warehouse
Sub-goals: Seek evidenece,  Speak with the foreman
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Foreman's story
Advanced parts
Warehouse records
Commentary: --

4) Capture fugitive politician

Mission: Capture Armand and his guards

Type: Indoor: sewers
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: Gil Armand (Porter)
Clues: Gil Armand's story
Commentary: --

5) Get evidence back from the Sky Raiders

Mission: Recover evidence from Sky Raiders

Type: Indoor: warehouse
Sub-goals: Recover 4 files
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Non-conventional force deployment
Commentary: --

6) Head to Lockhart Aerotech office

Mission: Seek evidence at Lockhart

Type: Indoor: office
Sub-goals: Disarm 4 bombs, Find 3 clues
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Research budget
Incriminating photo
Order forms
Commentary: --

7) Protect the research facility

Mission:  Defeat lead Raider, his guards

Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: Save technician, Find 3 clues
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Prototype parts
Nemesis weapon
The researcher's story

8) Rescue General Aarons

Mission:  Rescue General Aarons

Type: Indoor: abandoned warehouse
Sub-goals: Seek clues, Unlock backdoor
Notable mobs: H.A.V.O.K. (Jumppack bot?)
Mysterious Soldier (Nemesis?)
Clues: Lockhart Aerotech supplies
General Aaron's story
Commentary: I believe one of the devs should go back and change the souvenir's title to something a little more fitting.

Souvenir: The Mysterious General Z 

It all began when you saved Ambassador T'mbe Alwani of West Libertalia from Sky Raiders assassins, along with his mysterious companion. Unfortunately, the Sky Raiders stole the evidence the ambassador had assembled regarding their terrorist activities in his country.

You were then contacted by a mysterious man calling himself General Z, who tipped you off to the location of the stolen West Libertalian evidence. You recovered the evidence from the Sky Raiders.

General Z next told you about a pending Sky Raider strike on a Lockhart Aerotech warehouse. When you got there, you discovered that Sky Raider attacks were a common occurrence there, almost as if the flying mercenaries were making regular supply runs.

General Z next gave you the location of Gil Armand, a fugitive politician with ties to the Sky Raiders. After you captured him, you learned that all of the evidence against him was stolen by his Sky Raider cronies.

General Z came through again, with the location of the Sky Raider base where the evidence against Armand was kept. There, you found a government document proposing that the U.S. employ the Sky Raiders for deniable illegal operations around the world. This document was authored by Armand and signed by several important military industrial figures, including Tyrone Lockhart, the head of Lockhart Aerotech.

You went to a Lockhart office to get more information, but the Sky Raiders got there first. You prevented them from destroying the evidence and uncovered several tantalizing clues, including the location of a secret research facility that was working on next generation Sky Raider equipment.

General Z warned you that the secret facility was about to be destroyed by the Sky Raiders, and you arrived in time to stop them. As it turned out, the researchers thought they were working on new prototypes for the government. They had been given advanced technology to reverse engineer: technology belonging to the arch-villain Nemesis.

General Z's next tip was cut off when a plane carrying retired General Howard Aarons was attacked in flight. You rescued the general from the Sky Raiders, and he revealed that he was in fact the mysterious General Z. Years ago he had been in charge of the military unit that would eventually go rogue and become the Sky Raiders. He had guided you to these secrets to try and undo some of the damage. Due to the evidence you uncovered, numerous signers of Gil Armand's document resigned in disgrace. Tyrone Lockhart is under investigation for his connection to the Sky Raiders. And General Aarons thanked you, calling you a true hero.

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