The Scroll of Tielekku

-- Culex(Virtue)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 25 - 30
  • Factions: Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns, Warriors
  • Contacts: Miriam Bloechl (talos island), Laura Brunetti (independence port)
  • Reward: Translation of the Scroll of Tielekku(souvenir)

1) Find out what's so interesting to the Banished Pantheon and the Warriors

Mission: Stop all villains in warehouse

Selection Text:  Banished Pantheon cultists have been searching a warehouse in Independence Port. Whatever they're looking for must be very interesting, because there have been reports of Warriors on the scene as well. I need someone to go to the warehouse and find out what's so interesting to the Banished Pantheon and the Warriors.
Type: Indoor: warehouse
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Warrior orders
Commentary: --

2) Talk to the executor of the estate about the Scroll of Tielekku

Mission: Find the estate manager

Type: Indoor: office
Sub-goals: Rescue 7 office workers
Notable mobs: --
Clues: The estate manager's tale
Commentary: You don't have to slaughter the whole building's worth of zombies to finish this one. Although somehow, I rescued three different estate managers. Very odd.

3) Recover the scroll from the Warriors

Mission: Recover the Scroll of Tielekku

Type: Instanced outdoor: island map
Sub-goals: Find the Scroll of Tielekku
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Scroll of Tielekku
Commentary: Sounds like the last mission, eh? Haha, you wish. Yes, finding a glowie on an outdoor map is awful even if it is the only thing you have to do. But at least it's not in the sewers now.

4) Deliver the Scroll of Tielekku to Dr. Cheng

Mission: Take the scroll to Dr. Cheng

Type: Delivery
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: --
Commentary: He's between the hospital and the train in Independence Port.

Mission: Recover tomes from Circle

Type: Indoor: CoT temple
Sub-goals: Find 16 books
Notable mobs: --
Clues: The Obsidian Libram
The Red Dust Tome
Of the First Ones
Lost Tongues of the Tower Makers
The Translation Stone
Spells Of The First Order
Commentary: Is a mere glowie-hunt mission... 12 glowies are bookshelves, the other four are an urn, an obelisk, and two ancient chests. The glowies only have to be searched until the above clues are found, not all are necessary.

Mission: Take the books to Dr. Cheng

Type: Delivery
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Scroll translation
Commentary: Delivery missions make for easy exp.

5) Save the Coldwell heirs from the Banished Pantheon

Mission: Rescue Coldwell heirs

Type: Indoor: cavern
Sub-goals: Rescue 2 heirs
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Duncan Silver's side
Debbie Coldwell's side
Commentary: Lovely sibling rivalry...  I feel like such an accomplished hero.

6) Recover the scroll

Mission: Recover the Scroll of Tielekku

Type: Indoor: cavern
Sub-goals: Find the Scroll of Tielekku
Notable mobs: Totem of M-Teru (Totem)
Clues: The Scroll of Tielekku
Commentary: You only have to get the glowie if you can't defeat the Totem.

7) Stop the ritual before the Banished Pantheon can finish it

Mission: Stop the Pantheon ceremony

Type: Indoor: abandoned office
Sub-goals: 9 portals to change, Change altar!
Notable mobs: Blade Kind Caesar (Slasher Elite)
Spell Breaker Hanuzeth (Agony Mage)
Guardian Spirit of Death (Spirit of Death)
Guardian Spirit of Desire (Spirit of Desire)
Guardian Spirit of Sorrow (Spirit of Sorrow)
Guardian Spirit of Pain (Spirit of Pain)
Guardian Totem (Totem)
Clues: --
Commentary: Woohoo, you did it! Kind of a cop-out ending, though, huh? And those weak guaranteed-level-25 Guardian Spirits...  the ending of this storyarc is just a big let down altogether.

Souvenir: Translation of the Scroll of Tielekku

The adventure began when your contact told you about some unusual activity in a warehouse. Investigating, you found Warriors fighting Banished Pantheon cultists as both groups searched the warehouse for something called the Scroll of Tielekku.

Your contact found that the warehouse held the disputed estate of the deceased hero Ross 'Darkvine' Coldwell, a former member of the Midnight Squad. When you went to speak with the executor of the estate, you found the Banished Pantheon already on the premises, searching for the scroll. After defeating them, you found out that the Warriors had already absconded with the scroll.

Fortunately, you were able to track the Warriors down and recover the Scroll of Tielekku. Unfortunately, you still had no idea of the scroll's significance.

That changed when your contact was approached by Dr. Cheng, a renowned mystic scholar, who said that he might be able to translate the scroll. In order to do so, he would need reference materials that were currently in the hands of the Circle of Thorns, somewhere in the depths of their ancient city. Braving all dangers, you recovered the books and returned them to Dr. Cheng.

While you had been busy, your enemies had kidnapped Debbie Coldwell and Dr. Duncan Silver, the heirs to the Coldwell estate. You were able to free the heirs, but something wasn't right.

Too late you learned that Pantheon cultists had stolen the Scroll of Tielekku back from Dr. Cheng. Fortunately, he had already completed his translation. After reading through it, you learned the story of how the ancient goddess Tielekku was the first to discover magic, taught magic to gods and mortals, and used her skills to banish a pantheon of cannibal gods to the darkness. Alarmed by this information, you hastened to the Pantheon's hideout and retrieved the scroll.

Unfortunately, the Pantheon had already gleaned enough information to lay a trap for the goddess Tielekku. You attacked the Pantheon in Dark Astoria, and were able to alter the ritual. Instead of trapping the goddess, you sent a message to her, a warning that the dark gods she had banished so long ago were back. You don't know if Tielekku heard it, or even if she still exists. But perhaps one day soon she'll return to help rid the world of the Banished Pantheon and its cult.

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