Corporate Culture

-- Boiler(Liberty)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 30 - 35
  • Factions: Crey
  • Contacts: Phillipa Meraux (founders falls)
  • Reward: Crey data disc(souvenir), SO enhancement

1) Stop the Freakshow raid

Mission: Defeat Mass Def and his men

Selection Text: A bunch of Freakshow are running riot in a Crey-owned accounting office. I guess Crey's own security forces must be spread pretty thin, because they haven't been able to respond. Those Freaks will rip that place apart unless someone stops them. Do you think you can stop that Freakshow raid?
Type: indoor: office
Sub-goals: Save 3 hostages, Defuse bomb
Notable mobs: Mass Def (Champion Swiper)
Clues: Looking for Kimberly
Commentary: Seemed like many mobs in this mission were set a level lower than me for some reason.

2) Get some answers from Saiba the Damaga

Mission: Arrest Saiba and his cronies

Type: Indoor: abandoned office
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: Saiba the Damaga (Tank Smasher)
Clues: Saiba talks
Commentary: --

3) See if you can find out why the Freaks were hired to kill Mrs. Kellerman

Mission:  Seek clues at Freaks' meeting

Type: Indoor: abandoned warehouse
Sub-goals: Seek clues
Notable mobs: Operative Winslowe (Special Agent)
Clues: Crumpled note
Commentary: If you so want you can just hunt down the glowie only to beat the mission.  Crey's riot guards have entered the scene... that can't be good.

4) Find Mrs. Kellerman

Mission: Talk to Ken Kellerman

Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Ken Kellerman's confusion
Commentary: All you have to do is rescue Ken by defeating the mobs in his grouping.  Ken maybe hard to spot because he is dressed as Crey Researcher.  Hmmm from Ken's story he must have had his mind erased... or something?!

5) Rescue Tracy Templeton

Mission: Rescue Tracy Templeton

Type: Indoor: cavern
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Tracy Templeton's story
Commentary: Once again all you have to do is rescue the victim from the mobs directly with them.  On another note though, I don't understand why Tracy looks like a Crey Researcher... plus all of them are male.

6) Extract Ken Kellerman

Mission:  Defeat security chief, his men

Type: Indoor: abandoned office
Sub-goals: Seek clues
Notable mobs: Agent Tyler (Elite Security Agent)
Clues: Map on a whiteboard
Commentary: You only have to defeat Agent Tyler and all mobs in HER room to complete the mission.

7) Rescue the Kellermans before Giacomo alters their minds

Mission:  Rescue Ken and Kimberly

Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Kimberly's story
Ken's story
Commentary: You just have to defeat the mobs grouped with Ken and the mobs grouped with Kimberly to complete the mission.  Also in the mission there is 4 Lab Equipment stations that you can destroy and if your standing close enough it will grant you a buff or debuff.  Mine were 2 DMG buffs, an ACC buff, and a speed debuff.

8) Take out the Crey Mind Control Center

Mission:  Stop Giacomo, his assistants

Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: 2 devices to find, Find programs!
Notable mobs: Dr. Amadeo Giacomo (Crey Protector)
Clues: Memory alteration programs
Synaptic re-sequencer
Mnemonic eraser
Commentary: Geez, Crey Protectors give me problems... being constantly froze over and over not being able to even move really isn't fun.  But good thing is all you have to do to complete the mission is defeat all mobs in the same room as Dr. Giacomo. 

Souvenir: Crey data disc

It seemed strange when the Freakshow struck a Crey office and Crey security had no response. But it was even stranger when you learned that the Freaks were after a simple accountant, Kimberly Kellerman.

Seeking information, you took the fight to the Freakshow. You defeated Saiba the Damaga and learned that the Freaks had been hired to kill Mrs. Kellerman.

The Freaks still hadn't been paid in full, so they had a meeting with their employer. You crashed this meeting, and found yourself in battle against Crey's security forces. They claimed they were also investigating the Freaks' attack, but you found a note that indicated otherwise.

You were then contacted by Tracy Templeton, Kimberly's sister. She told you that Mrs. Kellerman had gone missing shortly after going to visit her husband at the Crey lab where he worked. When you went to speak with him, you learned that he couldn't remember his wife. You described Kimberly, and he told you that such a woman had been taken away by Crey security.

Before you could continue the search for Kimberly, her sister Tracy was kidnapped. You rescued her just before Crey security disposed of her as a complication.

While you rescued Tracy, Ken Kellerman recovered his memory. Fearing Crey security, he went into hiding and contacted you for help. When you arrived at his hiding place, Ken had already been taken away, but he left you a map to his new location.

You liberated both Ken and Kimberly Kellerman despite heavy resistance, and they told you of a Crey Mind Control Center under the direction of a Dr. Amadeo Giacomo.

You captured the evil Dr. Giacomo along with Crey's mind control technology. Unfortunately, Dr. Giacomo's own memory was erased by his internal mental failsafe. Crey Industries thanked you for rooting out the corruption in their corporate structure. But you were left wondering: just how much of it was really corruption? And how much was business as usual?

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