The Rise of the Vampyri

-- Boiler(Liberty)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 30 - 35
  • Factions: 5th Column
  • Contacts:  Merisel Valenzuela (brickstown), Jose Escalante (founder's falls)
  • Rewards: Dossier on Victor Sieger(souvenir), SO enchancement

1) Investigate base 80-05

Mission: Arrest base leader & his men

Selection Text: According to the memo you found in Commandant Odelburg's supply base, the 5th Column is preparing a new batch of vampyri.  Perhaps we should investigate this base 80-05 mentioned in the memo. We need to stop that transformation process if at all possible.  The vampyri are some of the Column's deadliest soldiers.
Type: Indoor: 5th Column base
Sub-goals: Seek data on vampyri
Notable mobs: Commandant Pfeiffer (Raserei Ubermenschen Oberst)
Clues: Vampyr candidate files
Commentary: --

2) Arrest the vampyr candidates

Mission: Arrest all soldiers in base

Type: Indoor: 5th Column base
Sub-goals: Find 2 files
Notable mobs: Dieter (Raserei Ubermenschen)
Jeroen (Raserei Ubermenschen)
Lt. Schrekker (Vampyri Adjutant)
Clues: Training logs
Research records
Commentary: --

3) Investigate vampyr transformation process

Mission: Investigate vampyr alterations

Type: Indoor: 5th Column base
Sub-goals:  Find 3 clues
Notable mobs:
Clues: Failed experiments
Artificial vampyr DNA
Genetic lab work
Commentary: I collected all 3 clues but, did not have to defeat all the mobs.

4) Go to Alderwise Genetics and see if you can find evidence that the 5th Column is involved with them

Mission: Defeat security chief & his men

Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: Find 2 files
Notable mobs: Lt. Kurtz (Vampyri Adjutant)
Clues: Data transfer
The Progenitor
Commentary: --

5) Hit the streets and interrogate a few 5th Column soldiers

Mission:  Question soldiers about base

Type: Defeat #
Sub-goals: Defeat 10 5th Column
Notable mobs: --
Clues: The soldier's story
Commentary: Like most "Defeat #" missions, I was ambushed by the mobs I needed to hunt right after excepting.

Mission: Question soldiers about base

Type: Defeat #
Sub-goals: Defeat 15 5th Column
Notable mobs: --
Clues: 5th Column patrol routes
Commentary: Again I was ambushed but, until notafter defeating a few mobs first.  I was ambushed by 2 Vampire Adjutants this time.

Mission: Question soldiers about base

Type: Defeat #
Sub-goals: Defeat 20 5th Column
Notable mobs: --
Clues: 5th Column work orders
Commentary: Ambushed for a third time now...  this time by a couple of Raserei Ubermenschens.  I had to defeat at least one 5th Column for the ambush to show up.

6) Go to Commandant Conrad's base and get the data

Mission: Arrest Conrad and his men

Type: Indoor: 5th Column base
Sub-goals: Find genetic data
Notable mobs: Commandant Conrad (Raserei Ubermenschen Oberst)
Clues: Conrad's story
Commentary: You only have to defeat Conrad that I know of.  As I didn't find a glowie to search.

7) Take the vampyr Progenitor into custody

Mission:  Arrest Progenitor & his guards

Type: Indoor: sewers
Notable mobs: Vampyr Guardian (Vampyr Adjutant) multiple
Vampyr Progenitor (Vampyr Commandant)
Clues: --
Commentary: You only have to kill Progenitor and the mobs in his grouping to bet the mission.

Souvenir: Dossier on Victor Sieger

When you started the case it seemed like the same old rigmarole: the 5th Column was planning some sort of major strike. You made a pre-emptive strike against a supply base to disrupt their plans. During the attack, you found a memo indicating that the Column were preparing a new batch of its deadly vampyr troops.

You raided the base mentioned in the memo, and found dozens of dossiers on candidates for the vampyr transformation.

Acting on this information, you captured a number of vampyr candidates before they could be transformed. At their training base, you found troubling hints that the 5th Column was trying to produce a new type of vampyr.

You went to the facility where they were testing this process, and learned that the Column was using a front company named Alderwise Genetics to do their genetic research for them.

You arrived at Alderwise Genetics too late. The 5th Column had anticipated your move, and to keep their connection to Alderwise a secret, they had raided the company. They killed the researchers and made off with almost all the research data. You did, however, salvage two important files. From these files, you learned that the Column had created a new kind of vampyr that could reproduce, and that all of the research data had been transferred to a single base.

With no other clues, you hit the streets. One by one the clues fell in place, and soon you knew that the location of the base where the research data had been taken.

You struck the base and not only found the genetic data, but also learned the current location of the vampyr Progenitor.

In the end, the Rise of the Vampyri was brought to an end in the sewers of Paragon City. In a final decisive battle you defeated the vampyr Progenitor and his guards before they could escape to South America.

The vampyr Progenitor survived the battle, and is under observation at a SERAPH facility.

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