The Envoy of Shadow

-- Culex(Virtue)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 35 - 40
  • Factions: Circle of Thorns
  • Contacts: Cadao Kestrel (founders' falls)
  • Reward: The Envoy's True Name(souvenir)

1) Investigate the scene in Kings Row and recover the book

Mission: Stop ritual in Kings Row

Selection Text: There have been rumors that the Warrior leader King Thunder stole a book of magic rituals from the Circle of Thorns. According to the rumor, the Circle had only just acquired the book themselves, and were looking to get it back. That rumor just might match with a recent disturbance in Kings Row. The Warriors have been planning on some big rite to get, and there's word of Circle mystics watching those preparations closely. If this book is as powerful as rumors say it is, the Warriors are in way over their heads. I suspect this may all be part of a Circle plot of some kind. Could you investigate the Ritual and try to recover the book? Stay alert on this mission. I have the feeling that this is the start of something much larger.
Type: Indoor: abandoned warehouse
Sub-goals: Find the Book, Look for Clues
Notable mobs: --
Clues: A Ritual Gone Horribly Right
Book of Ancient Magic
Commentary: Defeat King Thunder's grouped mobs and find the right glowie for quicker completion.

2) Look into Akarist's kidnapping

Mission: Locate Akarist

Type: Indoor: CoT temple
Sub-goals: Find Akarist
Notable mobs: Guardian of Flame (Behemoth Overlord)
Clues: A History of Oranbega: The War of the Mu
Commentary: Just nab the glowie at the rear most room to complete the mission.

3) Rescue Akarist

Mission: Rescue Akarist

Type: Indoor: abandoned office
Sub-goals: Find Akarist
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Negotiations with the Darkness
Commentary: You only have to defeat the mobs grouped with Akarist.  Akarist looks like a Fire Thorn Mage.

4) Disrupt the sacrificial tribute for the Envoy of Shadow

Mission: Stop Circle's sacrifice

Type: Indoor: CoT temple
Sub-goals: 8 victims to find, Look for clues
Notable mobs: Envoy of Shadow (Archvillain)
Clues: On demonic sacrifices
A warning from Hell
Commentary: You DO NOT have to defeat Envoy this time. Just help all 8 victims, plus the named officer (making 9 victims), and find the glowie to complete the mission.

5) Disrupt the ritual and look for signs that Hequat is returning

Mission: Disrupt ritual & look for clues

Type: Indoor: office
Sub-goals: Look for clues
Notable mobs: The Inquisitor (Death Mage)
Clues: Of Hequat and the Mu
Ritual writings
Commentary: Defeat all the mobs on the same floor the ritual is taking place on, plus grab the altar glowie to complete the mission quicker.

6) Steal the Envoy's gifts to the Circle of Thorns

Mission: Defeat Envoy & its minions

Type: Indoor: cavern
Sub-goals: Find last blade!, Seek clues
Notable mobs: Envoy of Shadow (Archvillain)
Clues: The Gift of the Thorns
Naming Notes
Thorn Blades
Commentary: Find the glowies and take out Envoy's room of mobs to complete. Good luck... you will need it.

7) Strike Circle Naming Research and get Envoy's True Name

Mission:  Stop lead researcher & his men 

Type: Indoor: CoT temple
Sub-goals: Find clue to True Name
Notable mobs: Salizek the Guardian (Death Mage)
Clues: On the Power of True Names
Naming Ritual
Commentary: Defeat all and find the glowie to complete.

8) Send the Envoy of Shadow back to Hell

Mission:  Defeat the Envoy of Shadow

Type: Outdoor: island "Black Sands Nature Preserve"
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: Negotiator Rantusik (Death Mage)
Envoy of Shadow (Archvillain)
Clues: The True Name
On the Naming of Fiends
Commentary: No map is available for this mission, though it's no different than other "outdoor: island" missions.  Yay you get to defeat him again! Aren't you excited? Finally you can put him away for good with his True Name (which you, the player, never get to know).

Souvenir: The Envoy's True Name

It all started when rumors of strange rituals sent you to Talos Island to investigate the involvement of the Warriors and the Circle of Thorns. When you arrived you found the Circle of Thorns on the scene and all but one of the Warriors dead. He told a disjointed tale, but you were able to get the idea that the Warriors had summoned something extremely powerful, and that it had been met by members of the Circle of Thorns.

The Circle seemed to be moving quickly. They attacked a safe house holding Akarist, a Mage who had left the Circle of Thorns and was helping the city. You set out to find him, but your first lead only turned up some of the books he was working on detailing the history of the Circle of Thorns and their war with the people of Mu.

Your next lead was on the mark, and you were able to rescue Akarist himself. He told you that the reason he was kidnapped was so that the Circle could discuss tactics for negotiating with a Demon, since he had been one of their best at that.

Working with Akarist's expertise and MAGI's knowledge you next disrupted a mass sacrifice of 13 police officers to satiate the Demon's demands.

The Envoy of Shadows had told the Circle that a being called Hequat was becoming active again in the world. Akarist informed you of the ancient goddess who had once raised a nation and ordered them to destroy Oranbega in ancient times, and that her return would prompt the Circle of Thorns to rash actions. You struck a circle ceremony to see what they'd found. While you didn't learn that Hequat was active, you did discover that the Circle had found Hequat did still exist.

Negotiations between the Circle and the Envoy of Shadow were proceeding quickly. To disrupt things and buy more time you struck and took a gift of new Thorn Blades that the Envoy had brought for the Circle. Though you were able to defeat the Envoy of Shadow, without his True Name you knew that the beast could never truly be beaten. You also found that the Circle knew this, and were researching the Demon's True Name themselves.

Acting on this, you infiltrated the depths of Oranbega and stole the Circle's information on the Envoy's possible True Name.

With the information you'd gathered Akarist and MAGI were able to find the Envoy of Shadow's True Name. Armed with it, you fought the Envoy again and struck it down forever. The Negotiations were broken off, and the Prince of Demons who had sent the Envoy of Shadow was denied entry into the world.

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