The Praetorian War

-- Boiler(Liberty)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 40 - 45
  • Factions: Praetorians, Crazed, Psychic Clockwork, Carnies
  • Contacts: Tina Macintyre (peregrine island)
  • Reward: Blue Clockwork piece(souvenir), SO enhancement

1) Look into disturbance at a Portal Corp lab

Mission: Defeat raid leader & its crew

Selection Text: My scanners are picking up some strange activity in one of Portal Corporation's labs. The techs there aren't answering their phones, and I'm worried something has gone wrong again. I fear the worst, and if this is anything like last time, we are going to need some strong heroes to help out. I was hoping I could ask you to check it out.
Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: Secure 4 network nodes, Rescue technician!
Notable mobs: Valence (Baryon)
Clues: --
Commentary: Click the 4 glowies, defeat the mobs grouped with the technician, and just defeat the room of mobs Valence is in to be done quickly.

Mission: Secure network in lab

Type: Indoor: tech, Timed: 10mins
Sub-goals: Secure 4 network nodes
Notable mobs: Cold Fusion (Bayron)
Clues: DPS energy readings (after returning to contact)
Commentary: Hope you got Phase Shift and Super Speed... because that 10min timer is not a typo!  I was given an SO of my origin for succeeding in this mission.

2) Check out the temporal disturbance

Mission: Stop the temporal disturbance

Type: Outdoor: King's Row like
Sub-goals: Find Dr. Calvin, 5 devices to destroy
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Dr. Calvin's story
Commentary: Find the glowies and defeat the mobs grouped with Dr. Calvin to complete.

3) Scout out the lab

Mission: Defeat all robots in lab

Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: Seek clues
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Anti-Matter's files
Commentary: The map seemed to be messed up when I did this mission.

4) Look for a connection between Clockwork World and Anti-Matter

Mission: Get data by defeating robots

Type: Outdoor: Boomtown like
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Dimensional residue scanner
Commentary: Defeat all the Clockwork Prince mob groups to complete the mission.

5) Stop the battle

Mission: Defeat all villains in area

Type: Outdoor: Steel Canyon like "Waxahachie Park"
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: The Brain Tease (Ring Mistress)
Atomic Warfare (Baryon)
Clues: --
Commentary: --

6) Look for connection between the Carnival and Anti-Matter

Mission: Defeat all carnies in warehouse

Type: Indoor: warehouse
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: The Wild Woman (Ring Mistress)
Clues: The carnie's story
Commentary: --

7) Search Anti-Matter's orbital lab for any clue to his next move

Mission: Defeat Anti-Matter & his men

Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: Seek clues
Notable mobs: Anti-MatterLeader (archvillain)
Clues: Print out
Anti-Matter's warning
Commentary: --

8) Stop the Clockwork

Mission: Stop robots speeding up time

Type: Outdoor: King's Row like
Sub-goals: 4 devices to destroy
Notable mobs: --
Clues: --
Commentary: For whatever reason, bad coding most likely, the map was always stated as unavailable for me.

9) Link the silver Clockwork's to Anti-Matter

Mission: Investigate Clockwork lab

Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: Seek clues
Notable mobs: 9 Volt (Inhibitor)
Clues: Neuron's files
Commentary: You only need to find the find the glowie to complete.

10) Go to Jamison Office Park and clear the villains out

Mission: Defeat all villains in area

Type: Outdoor: Steel Canyon like "Jamison Office Park"
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: Bobcat (archvillain)
Clues: --
Commentary: Bobcat is located at the very N end of the zone... though you must defeat all to complete mission.  Bobcat has this think with running all over the zone when you trying to defeat her I've noticed.

11) Plant a dimensional scanner

Mission: Defeat all villains in area

Type: Outdoor: forest
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: Shadowhunter (archvillain)
Clues: Dimensional Scanner
Commentary: Defeat all...  and it was a pain for me seeing as how nearly every wolf wanted to run off at top speed when I attacked.

12) Stop Anti-Matter's invasion

Mission: Defeat all villains in lab

Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: Seek clues
Notable mobs: Neuron (archvillain)
Anti-MatterLeader (archvillain)
Clues: Anti-Matter's secret lab
Commentary: --

Souvenir: Blue Clockwork piece

You've kept this piece of Anti-Matter's strange, functional blue Clockwork robots as a reminder of the time you put an end to:

The Praetorian War

It began when Tina Macintyre informed you of some strange activity at a Portal Corporation lab. You investigated, and learned that some blue Clockwork robots had used a portal to break into the lab. You beat them off, but it wasn't over. Portals had opened into labs all over Peregrine Island. Despite your valiant efforts, the Clockwork made off with the theorem behind Portal Corporation's technology.

While Portal technicians tried to trace the source of the raid, you journeyed to another dimension to check out a temporal disturbance. You found the people there driven mad by an intense time acceleration. You destroyed the time accelerating devices and learned that they had been planted by some strange Clockwork robots.

The scientists completed their analysis and traced the portals to an orbital lab in a dimension called Upsilon Beta 9-6. You went to the lab and discovered that the raids had been ordered by a villain named Anti-Matter, who was trying to find a way to punch a permanent dimensional rupture through to Paragon City. You also found a picture of Anti-Matter, who resembled Positron in almost every detail.

Portal Corporation's files detailed a world inhabited entirely by Clockwork. You went to Clockwork Earth to see whether Anti-Matter was drawing his troops from there. But no connection could be made between the psychic Clockwork of Clockwork Earth and Anti-Matter's radioactive robot troops.

The Clockwork's origins remained a mystery, but their whereabouts did not. Tina Macintyre informed you that a squad of blue Clockwork were duking it out with the Carnival in a Paragon City neighborhood. You defeated both groups and prevented any civilian casualties.

You went to a Carnival hideout to investigate the connection, and learned that the battle had been a case of mistaken identity. Anti-Matter's Clockwork had mistaken the Carnival of Shadows for the Carnival of Light, a group of freedom fighters from Anti-Matter's world.

You had no new leads on Anti-Matter's plans, so you went back to the source: Anti-Matter's orbital lab. You battled through the blue Clockwork and faced Anti-Matter himself, though the villain retreated before you could finish the battle. You also learned that Anti-Matter was getting closer to stealth portal technology, which would enable him to enter Paragon City without being detected by Portal Corporation.

You received a call for help from Dr. Calvin, a scientist on the world you saved from accelerated time. It seemed that the strange Clockwork were back, and they were trying to repair their devices. You saved the world once more, and learned that the Clockwork that threatened it were silver, not blue. Perhaps they belonged to another army.

Portal Corporation traced the silver Clockwork back to their dimension of origin, and you went to check out their lab. There you found that they were trying to speed up time on Dr. Calvin's dimension in order to provide a haven for their master, Neuron. Neuron's super speed powers made him feel uncomfortable with his own world's normal time.

Your investigation was derailed when an immediate threat demanded your attention. Cat-like people had been spotted in a Paragon City office park. You dealt with the villains, and learned that they were working for neuron. They were trying to assess the success of Anti-Matter's invasion plans.

It seemed obvious that Neuron and Anti-Matter were bitter rivals. Tina Macintyre did some checking, and confirmed that both villains came from the same dimension. She sent you to Upsilon Beta 9-6, newly re-christened 'Praetorian Earth,' and asked you to plant some dimensional scanners. These would be a safeguard against Anti-Matter's stealth portal technology. Even if Anti-Matter managed to perfect his tech, Portal Corporation would be alerted to any portal opened between the two worlds. In order to complete your mission, you had to fight a battalion of dog-like men, but you persevered and planted the scanners.

And not a moment too soon! Shortly after you returned to your world, the scanners went off. A massive Praetorian force had teleported into a lab in Paragon City. You went to the lab, where you found Neuron battling Anti-Matter's forces. It seemed that Anti-Matter had maintained a secret base in Paragon City for some months. You stopped the chaos and defeated both villains. Unfortunately, Neuron and Anti-Matter had one more trick up their sleeves: they were able to open a portal to return themselves to Praetorian Earth. Who knows what kind of dangers they could visit upon Paragon City next?

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