Abandoned Sewers Trial

-- Xender(Victory), Spykes(Liberty)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 38+ (Must 38+ to start but, 36+ heroes can join afterwards) (42+ will not be able to get temp-powers)
  • Minimum team size: 1 (you will not be able to complete without more though)
  • Factions: Rikti, Hydra
  • Contacts: Maren MacGregor(founders falls...  N from Penny Preston & standing under a tree)
  • Reward: Charmer(badge), Double enhancement

1) The green line of text at bottom you click to start the mission?

Mission:  Defeat 150 Rikti in the Abandoned Sewers

Type: Defeat # 
Notable mobs: --
Commentary:  The Skyway sewers section seems to have the best Rikti Population.  Once this is complete, speak to the contact again, you'll receive the access code to the trial room.  Entrance is located in the center of "Underworld" zone in the Abandoned Sewers.

2) Clean out the maintenance room

Mission:  Defeat the Hydra Head

Type: Timed: 90mins, Defeat AV
Notable mobs: Hydra Head (Archvillain!)

WARNING!!!  Characters above level 42 can come in the mission, but will NOT receive the weapons.  Instead, they will receive nothing, and the weapon normally gained from clicking the blinking chest will be lost.  If you fail, you can talk to the contact and will receive the mission again.  You will NOT be asked to kill 150 Rikti again.  Once you've completed the mission, and before clicking "Mission Complete" to exit, be sure to clear out an enhancement slot, if you want the double-attribute enhancement.

Temp-powers are as follows...
Particle Cannon
Ranged, Special
The Particle Cannon is a heavy Rikti weapon that can reverse the polarity of of an entity brought through a dimensional rift, sending it back to its own universe. Against other targets, it has no effect. the particle cannon can send the Hydra Head back to its dimension. The particle beam is slow, and must be held on the target for a long time. The Particle Cannon has limited charges, so use it wisely.

Thermite Cannon
Ranged (Cone), Moderate DoT(Plasma)
The Thermite Plasma Cannon is a Rikti weapon. The Plasma is relatively cool, and only moderately dangerous. However, it has be discovered that Thermite Plasma is deadly to the Hydra. It is best to save the weapon's limited charges for defeating the Hydra.

Badge:  Charmer

You have defeated the Hydra, a major threat to the sewer network of Paragon City.

Strategy by Xender (Victory)

The first mission you get is to kill 150 Rikti in the Abandoned Sewers. This is easy if you have a full group, but have the leader hang back and kill the groups of Rikti nearest the exit because you will have to return to the contact in Founder's Falls after this is completed. So everyone in the large group has to wait for this travel time.

The contact then gives you the actual sewer trial mission. You only have 90 minutes to clear out the area after you put in the access code. This is plenty of time if your group does not wipe and if you stick together. You WILL need at least 6 heroes though (a full group of 8 is best).

You will enter a large cistern. Kill the Rikti as you make your way down and open the chests to get access to Rikti weapons (temp powers) you will later use on the Hydra. Be sure to kill everything on the way down, as it is quite a pain to go back and look for things. Don't spend time searching for stuff (there is a timer!), but don't just bypass groups.

Once you have cleared your way to the bottom, then you will want to take out all the mobs that are on the bottom level except for the main Hydra and the force field generators. There are Rikti that guard the force field generators and Rikti as well as Hydra monsters. Kill these and the tentacles so that the only part of the Hydra showing is the ball that is protected by the force field.

At this point, split up your group and take out the 4 force fields at the same time, then rush in and use your Rikti weapons to deal damage to the Hydra.

The force field generators will come back up and the Rikti that were guarding them will return. At this point, you should have the hydra down to 50% health. Kill the Rikti guarding the generators again, and then coordinate the force field generation destruction and attack the Hydra with the Rikti weapons now that the force field is down (but be careful!!)

Once you get the Hydra down to about 75% health, Rikti will begin porting in to discourage your walloping of the Hydra. IMMEDIATELY take them out. You have enough time to repeat taking out the force fields as long as you don't cause a group wipe by doing "too much damage" to the Hydra.

As the Hydra's HP gets lower than certain preset levels, the Rikti will teleport in swarms. Your group should be able to handle them as long as they take the groups that teleport in one at a time, but if you focus on doing damage and ignore the Rikti porting in you will ultimately be overwhelmed. A wipe of your group can mean making players run all the way back through the sewers. This can cost you ten precious minutes that can be decisive in victory or defeat. It is VERY annoying to nearly have the Hydra killed and realize that you cannot clear the insanely large group of Rikti you have inadvertently pulled, destroy the generators, AND finish off the Hydra in your last ten minutes.

Keep the group moving briskly throughout as time is the biggest factor in completing this very interesting and creative trial. (Kudos Cryptic!) But DON'T press forward past the Rikti teleports near the end of the fight. You DO have time to take them out and repeat taking out the force field generators. . .. but you DON'T have time to recover from a group wipe or to take out insane numbers of Rikti spawns that have stacked on top of one another.

If you play this trial smart, then it should be possible to complete it without a single death. That is good game design.

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