Cavern of Transcendence Trial

--  Flame Raider (Justice), Bubble Bobble(Freedom),

Basic Info

  • Levels: 12+
  • Minimum team size: 8
  • Factions: Circle of Thorns, Minions of Igneous
  • Contacts: Talshak the Mystic (The Hollows)
  • Reward: Transcendent(badge)

1) The line of text you click to start the mission (gained from talking to contact) ??

Mission: Unlock the gateway

Selection text:  I had to use every spell I know, but I managed to get the truth out of those Circle mystics you defeated. Just before the Magmites broke into the Circle's lair and kidnapped Sam Wincott, the mages completed their ritual. They know where the Cavern of Transcendence is! And now I know as well. If you're willing, I need you to the Circle's assault on the cavern. You can solve one of Paragon City's greatest mysteries, and rescue Lt. Wincott's long lost son in the process! You only have 90 minutes to deal with the situation. In order to unlock the gateway, you will need a full team of eight heroes.
Type: Indoor: lava cavern, Timed: 90mins
Sub-goals: Activate obelisks simultaneously
Save Sam Wilcott
Notable mobs: Koago (Archvillain)
Clues: --
Commentary: Flame Raider says...
 Activate obelisks simultaneously...  You will need to have 8 people on your team to do this trial (no less). Because there are 8 obelisks that need to be touched at the same time to unlock the gateway.
Save Sam Wilcott...  After you unlock the gateway go up the ramp to the door at the end. Click on the door.  Mob with Koago in it will be a little ways inside the small room.  Behind him is Sam Wincott with 2 or 3 igneous guarding him. You do not have to clear the room to complete the mission. Just defeat the guards to save Sam.

Bubble Bobble says...
Activate obelisks simultaneously...  First you must travel through the tunnels in the Hollows to reach the mission.  Then you have to locate 8 different Obelisks in a cavern with no map available.  You can not clear the cavern of mobs as the Minions of Igneous respawn as if it were an outside zone.  The mobs sometimes consist of up to 5 bosses per group.  As your team splits up to get to each Obelisk you can guess it becomes very impossible to stay alive for long.  The best way to complete this is to have a person with stealth & teleport friend who can avoid the mobs and set each team member at an obelisk.  Or a high level player with teleport friend.  Once all 8 are triggered it opens the gateway to the room where Sam Wincott is.
 Save Sam Wilcott... Sam Wincott is guarded by a group of mobs along with the lvl 15 Archvillain KOAGO.  Once Sam is saved the mission is complete & you get the badge.  This is a VERY difficult mission.  Also very fun and very good exp if you actually fight the mobs.

Badge:    Transcendent

You have become the master of the mystical gateway beneath the Hollows.

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