Eden Spire Trial

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Basic Info

  • Levels: 39 - 41
  • Minimum team size: 4
  • Factions: Devouring Earth
  • Contacts: Woodsman (Eden... next to The Hive dot.  /loc 2590, 370, 3515)
  • Reward: Liberator(badge), Double Enhancement

1) The line of text you click to start the mission (gained from talking to contact)

Mission: ?

Type: Defeat #
Sub-goals: Defeat 200 Devouring Earth
Notable mobs:
Commentary: Eden trial is a 4 hour timed mission in which you defeat a ton of Devouring Earth and break through two walls which are archvillains.  After you break through the 2 walls you eventually come to an area with natural stone bridges over deadly acid pools and you have to keep your inspiration slots open so that you can receive ambrosia inspirations.  They come from Greater Devoured.  You will need them in order to face 'Crystal Titan' who is a 'gargantuan' class mob.  He can kill any hero in one hit if they are not buffed with ambrosia.  Before you defeat 'Crystal Titan' though you must clear the room of other Devouring Earth, and defeat all the guardians guarding the heroes in crystal prisons.  Break the prisons and you have saved the heroes.

2) line of text click at bottom to start mission

Mission:  (linked with no need to talk to contact)

Notable mobs: Crystal Titan (Archvillain!)
2nd Mission is a 4 hr timed mission
-first work your way to rock wall by falling thru holes in floor
-destroy rock wall while fighting off DE
-work your way to mold wall by falling thru holes again
-on the way to mold wall kill sniper and lichen
-once thru wall fall thru holes to get to the 3 bridges
-the greater devourer on the bridges will drop ambrosia inspiration that u will need to kill the final AV
-once u get to the final room clear it
-in the back of the final room( or cavern) free the hero's
-then take on the final AV, make sure to keep your ambrosia inspiration always up because if not he will kill with one shoot or stomp
-it is tough but can be done
- it is an awesome map and quite the rush
-good luck finding the correct holes to drop thru!


Badge:  Liberator

You have freed the captured heroes, preventing them from becoming devoured.

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