Stop Cryonite Armor Design Theft

-- Shardis(Virtue)

Basic Info

1) Defeat all Sky Raiders in lab??

Mission: Defeat all Sky Raiders in lab

Selection Text: Have you heard of the mercenaries who call themselves the Sky Raiders? According to my sources, they're planning to raid the labs of Balsim Technologies. The Sky Raiders are always on the lookout for new weapons technology, and Balsim's highly publicized Cryonite Armor is certainly an appealing target. I'd like you to stop them before they can make off Balsim's designs. You only have 75 minutes to repel the Sky Raiders.
Type: Indoor: tech
Sub-goals: --
Notable mobs: --
Clues: --
Commentary: You can also lock down 3 network computers for alternate mission complete. You will receive a temp power after completing this mission and returning to your contact...
Cryonite Armor
 Toggle:self +def(smash,lethal) +res(cold)
As a thank you, the company has given you the opportunity to be the first to test this technology in the field. You have enough power to operate the Cryonite Armor for 1 hour of on time.