Recover the Platonic Solids

-- TopDoc(Freedom)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 20ish?
  • Factions: Warriors
  • Contacts: Dennis Ewell (??),

1) Get the Platonic Solids away from the Warriors

Mission: Defeat gang leader and his crew

Selection Text: The Warriors recently got their hands on the Platonic Solids. They're ancient ritual tools of the Cult of Pythagoras, which practiced an abstract branch of magic based around geometry and geometric mathematics. A single solid is potentially capable of folding reality, time, and probability. I need someone to get the Platonic Solids away from the Warriors before they accidentally unfold space and time. You only have 90 minutes to recover the artifacts.
Type: Indoor: warehouse
Sub-goals: Recover 4 Platonic Solids
Notable mobs: Pythagoras (Slasher Elite)
Clues: Platonic octahedron
Platonic icosahedron
Platonic tetrahedron
Platonic hexahedron
Commentary: You will receive this temp power after accepting this mission...
Geometric Gauntlets
 Ranged, Foe Immobilization, -Fly
This Geometric Gauntlet creates a localized gravitational field strong enough to Immobilize a single foe. The target can still attack, but cannot move. It is also powerful enough to bring down flying entities.

NOTE: Effect lasts about 15 seconds, recharges in about 13, casts in about 2.


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