-- Boiler(Liberty)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 25 - 29
  • Factions: Freakshow, Nemesis
  • Contacts: Neal Kendrick (Brickstown), Tina Chung (?)

1) Find out who's supplying the Freakshow with the new weapons

Mission: Find source of Freaks' weapons

Selection Text: The Freakshow seem to have acquired a new source of weapons. They're unlike anything we've ever seen before: ballistics and robots that seem to be based on steam power! That's right, steam. Until today, I would have sworn nobody had built a steam powered vehicle in a hundred years. But from what my informants tell me, the steam-tech is actually quite sophisticated. I need you to find out who's supplying the Freaks with these new weapons.
Type: Indoor: Freakshow warehouse
Sub-goals: Destroy 2 crates
Notable mobs: Dap-Dap Tha Deal-Maka' (Champion Smasher)
Lt. Fergusun (lieut?Nemesis' officers are some of the best trained...)
Clues: Steam-powered gun
Steam-powered robotic parts
Commentary: You will receive a temp power after destroying one of the crates. By never completing the mission (just gaining the temp.power) I believe you can keep getting it.
Nemesis Staff
  Ranged, Minor DMG(Smash), Foe Knockback, Disorient
You confiscated this strange, steam-powered staff from a Freakshow hideout. The staff shoots a bolt of energy that deals damage, knocks back foes, and may stun them, You should test the weapon in the field, then return it to the DATA labs for study within 5 real days.


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