Stop the theft of Rikti technology

-- Culex(Virtue), TopDoc(Freedom)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 25 - 30
  • Factions: 5th Column, Sky Raiders
  • Contacts: Ashwin Lannister (?zone), Laurie Pennington (?zone))

1) green selection text at bottom??

Mission: Stop raid leaders, their crews

Selection Text: Exarch Labs reports a break-in by 5th Column agents. Their vaults contain several Rikti weapons and other pieces of alien technology left over from the Rikti War, none of which can be allowed to fall into enemy hands. It gets even better, though, because the Sky Raiders know about the theft, and might make a play for the same prize in the confusion. It's going to take heroic action to stop the theft of Rikti technology. Once this is started you'll have to hurry. You'll have about 90 minutes to see this through before it's too late.
Type: Indoor: tech,  Timed: 90mins
Sub-goals: Rescue 9 people, Find 2 devices, Find 2 files
Notable mobs: Jump Bot Incinerator (not specifically named)
Lt. Wolfsheild (?type?)
Clues: File 77-276
Files A7-990 to LV-426
Science Team Story
Commentary: You will receive a temp power during the mission...
Manifold Resonator
  Self Teleport + Special
 After Teleporting, you will remain intangible for a while. During this time, you cannot activate any other powers. As you slowly phase into normal space, you will remain partially visible, your Accuracy will be reduced, but your Defense will be improved.

Resonance Disrupter
  Toggle: Self Stealth, +DEF, -HP
 The Resonance Disruptor bends light around you to make you completely Invisible. If you attack while Invisible, you will be detected, although you will still have a huge bonus to Defense. This technology is unstable, and you will take damage over time as long as it is active.

 The damage of the Resonance Disruptor does scale with your level, so it's always a percentage of your total hp that seems to be set such that about 2 mins of continuous usage will reduce your hero to 0 hp. You can defeat yourself with this power, you have been warned.


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