Stop the Artifact Auction

-- TopDoc(Freedom)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 15 - 19
  • Factions: Circle of Thorns, Hellions, Outcasts, Tsoo
  • Contacts: Dr. Ann-Marie Engles(skyway city),  Juliana Nehring(skyway city)

1) Interrogate some Outcasts on the street

Mission: Get information from Outcasts

Selection Text: The Outcasts often move minor artifacts to anyone in the city interested in getting an edge. There's a rumor that they're planning a big auction of magical artifacts, but none of my sources have found anything concrete. Normally the Outcasts are big boasters; when they get quiet,  start to worry. I need someone to interrogate some of the Outcasts on the street. If you start hassling enough of them, word is bound to get back and they may up their time-table, so you'll be on a clock once you locate where the Auction is.
Type: Defeat #
Sub-goals: Defeat 15 Outcasts
Notable mobs: --
Clues: Auction advertisement
Commentary: --

Mission: Defeat auctioneer and his crew

Type: Indoor:  abandoned warehouse,  Timed: 90mins
Sub-goals: Recover 4 artifacts
Notable mobs: Snow-pac (Lead Freezer) the top-dog freezers ...
Clues: Artifacts
Commentary: Clicking the 4 glowies and defeating all villains in Snow-pac's room will complete the mission. There will be 2 temp powers here to enjoy...
Ring of Pain
Ranged, Foe -DEF, Self DoT
The Ring of Pain is a dark device. It can severely reduce a target's Defense, at the cost of the owner's health. As the target's Defense is lowered, you will continue to lose Hit Points until you deactivate the ring. The Ring of Pain can remain active for about 10 minutes before it is exhausted of its negative energy.

Scroll of Ruin
Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe -DEF
This incantation will drastically reduce the Defense of all foes in the affected area. The affected foes become vulnerable and incredibly easy to hit. This scroll possesses powerful dark magics, and its effects are almost impossible to resist or avoid. The Scroll of Ruin can only be used once.


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