Investigate the city of Oranbega

-- TopDoc(Freedom)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 25 - 30
  • Factions: Circle of Thorns
  • Contacts: Miriam Bloechl (talos island),

1) Investigate city of Oranbega

Mission: Defeat Laramis and his coven

Selection Text: I have a mission for you, but there's a bit of history you should know first. I'm sure that you've tangled with the society of mystics called the Circle of Thorns before, but they have been a plague on this for many, many years. The Circle's origins, as far as we know, date back to it's founding by the nefarious Baron Zoria in the 1920's. One of their goals back then was to find the fabled lost city of Oranbega, the 'El Dorado of the east coast'. There were rumors that they found it years ago beneath Paragon City, and have been using it as a base. I need you to investigate the rumors about Oranbega. The Circle are certain to sense you coming, you'll have 1 hour at most before they find a way to stop you.
Type: Indoor: CoT temple,  Timed: 60mins
Sub-goals: Find 4 artifacts, Break 2 wards
Notable mobs: Laramis (Pain Mage)
Warding Altar (see below) x2
Clues: The first broken ward
The last broken ward
Black Sand
Unknown runes
Testament of Ermeeth
Cracked Thorn Blades
Research Notes
Commentary: There is much to do in this mission to complete it... defeat mobs, destroy altars, & find glowies. All of which must be done in an hour! Getting disconnected during this mission will really ruin your chances of completion!  You will receive a temp power from a glowie in this mission...
Sands of Mu
  Melee (Cone), High DoT(Smash/Negative), Foe -ACC
You recovered this strange black sand from a Circle of Thorns hideout. While carrying it, you have the ability to deal a flurry of punches charged with the Negative Energy of the Netherworld. The sand must be returned to the MAGI vault within 4 real days.

Warding Altar info...
classification: sniper/object, faction: Artifact, equal level, blue con.
This object seems to be regenerating the health of the villains around it. Watch out because they explode when destroyed.


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