Test Wave Scrambler

-- TopDoc(Freedom)

Basic Info

  • Levels: 15 - 19
  • Factions: Clockwork
  • Contacts: Colleen Saramago(steel canyon), Maggie Greene(skyway city),  Jake Montoya(skyway city)

1) Test Wave Scrambler against the Clockwork

Mission: Test Wave Scrambler

Selection Text: We've tried slowing down the Clockwork with electromagnetic pulse weapons, but they did nothing. The boys at DATA want to try again, but now they want you to use a Wave Scrambler. It scrambles incoming signals of all wavelengths, and it may help us defeat this menace. Will you test the Wave Scrambler against the Clockwork?
Type: Defeat #
Sub-goals: Defeat 10 Clockwork
Notable mobs: --
Clues: --
Commentary: There will be a LARGE Clockwork ambush after accepting this mission! You will receive a temp power after accepting this mission...
Wave Scrambler
 Cone Special DAM, Foe -Recharge
This device was built to interfere with Clockwork's energy signals within its conical area of effect. The Wave Scrambler will last 1 hour of real


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